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Sunday, July 8, 2018

Debate is like a cross to a vampire for SGI

"I can't even get a long time friend, a very dear friend in fact, to *debate* even the doctrines of the SGI--.

She has practiced about 35 years-- is a WD Region Leader, who sent me a copy of "The Wisdom of the Lotus Sutra"-- vol. 5-- wanting to study *together* the Never Disparaging Chapter of the Lotus sutra-- as per Ikeda's guidance in print in this SGI study manual.

When I challenged Ikeda's *wisdom* she had to *end discussion with me*-- had to remind me that *my negativity* would only cause me more suffering and that I was turning down a golden opportunity to study with her, because she is caring for *new members*-- letting me make a cause that I cannot make because SGI Boston gave me the boot.

Debate is like a cross to a vampire with most SGI leaders-- Odd, that somehow, they believe Ikeda *took care of all that for them*-- have you ever heard of a more non-Buddhist attitude? 

They don't need to engage in no stinking debate!! 

I am still reeling from the shock----" -- Katie

OH GAWD!!! Ikeda has already won the debate? He was debating the Nichiren Shu with the Nichiren Shoshu doctrine [Otaru debate]. The blind leading the blind.

"That is why we are willing to engage in debate with you, Nichiren Shoshu, or anyone who claims to know the truth. You have to admit it takes cheek, but...." -- SGI leader

You are mistaken about this too. Al Albergate wrote:

Dear Mark,
Sorry for the delay in responding to your request for a formal debate between members of SGI and the Kempon Hokke  [my former sect]. Thank you for the offer. We are well aware of the claims of the Kempon Hokke Sect and those claims have been thoroughly refuted in the past in Japan. We see no reason to repeat this exercise. If you have something new and would like to meet individually to discuss these matters, please let me know.


Al Albergate
SGI-USA Director of Community Relations
525 Wilshire Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90401
Tel: (310) 260-8958
Fax: (310) 260-8917

Greg Martin also turned down my offer for a formal debate.

I responded to them that the SGI will not debate because they do not have the ammunition to win the debate and this is the real reason for their refusal. Al, being a PR specialist, his reason for not debating is neither factual nor substantial. My contention is that a formal debate should be held face to face in an auditorium, with video camera documentation and neutral judges. 

Also, to what end should I debate you informally? Paul Wersant was defeated and he is still as arrogant as ever; never converted; apparently didn't learn anything from the debate; and worst of all, he slanders us more than he did before the debate.

It is Mappo and the debate was already won by Nichiren yet, many refused to believe. I have no illusion about my meager debating abilities compared to the master but I continue to correct erroneous views for my own edification, yours, and because I highly respect true Buddhism. The poison has penetrated deeply in the lives of most SGI and Nichiren Shoshu members. I have no false hope that I am capable of saving the vast majority of them. I just defend what the Buddha has entrusted to me and hope that one or two of them may be converted to the true teachings, if even for an hour or a day.

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