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Sunday, July 8, 2018

Nichiren Lotus Sutra Buddhism or Ikedaism?

During the more than hour long August 2010 Soka Gakkai youth division audio "encouragement": Sensei was mentioned > ~ 400 x; chanting ~ 20x; Nichiren Daishonin ~10x [one short Gosho lecture on the Three Treasures]; the Lotus Sutra 2x; and Shakyamuni Buddha 1x 

Some examples:

“Youth! Why aren’t you seeking me out more.” — Ikeda Taisaku 

“Exert fully to seek our mentor.” - 

“How can I seek Sensei more.” 

“How can I be a truer disciple of Sensei?” 

“Joyfully do anything for Sensei.” 

“Increase the number of Sensei’s disciples.” 

“Never stop practicing with Sensei as our mentor.” 

“Share Sensei’s heart.” 

“Capital of oneness of mentor and disciple 

“My Sensei, my Sensei in my district.” 

“How can I reply to Sensei?” 

“My blood flows with Sensei.” 

“Tell them about Sensei’s heart.” 

“Teach them of the greatness of the mentor.” 

“Write to Sensei about your victories and defeats in life.” 

“Feel closer to Sensei.” 

“How can I be a truer disciple of Sensei every day for the next ten or twenty years.” 

“Sensei wants us to have the exact feeling we have now to seek Sensei. The true meaning of the indigo plant, ever stronger feelings for Sensei.” 

“Never stop practicing with Sensei, even in twenty years at the 100th anniversary of the Soka Gakkai.”

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