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Sunday, July 8, 2018

"No such thing as right or wrong. It's about winning and losing."

Caller: I hear your having some struggles with this Buddhism 

Kevin Richardson: I have been looking around and I have came into some information that gives me the impression that SGI isn't what it says it is. 

(Other words are said but I'll skip to save a little time) 

Caller: ...Well every one has struggles, Ghandi had struggles, Martin Luther King had struggles, President Ikeda even had struggles when he came to America. 

KR: Dude. Slow down, really. You are using the word "struggle" very loosely. I am not struggling. This is really not that epic, okay. 

(Then Caller hangs up)

KR: "Point being that this person has been so immersed in his little SGI bubble of touchy feely talking points that the propaganda has severely affected his ability to tell the truth. Their version of Buddhism is that they teach that there is no such thing as right or wrong. It's about winning and losing. Maybe it's some veiled admission that the facts don't matter to the SGI."

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