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Thursday, August 2, 2018

Boycott the Soka Gakkai cult

After achieving everything I set out to achieve in Japan, I would like to turn my attention to political and socio-economic issues in this country by launching a crusade against the so-called "Buddhist" lay organization, Sōka Gakkai.

For those who don't know, Sōka Gakkai as an "organized religion" was founded in 1930 by some bespectacled ____fart by the name of Josei Toda (pictured, below), who sought to reform Japan's militaristic education system into a more humanistic one that would support the full development and potential of Japan's youth.

While their initial aim was probably a noble one, through aggressive recruitment drives and gay promises of guaranteed health, wealth and wisdom in exchange for remuneration and the repeated, chanting of "namu-myoho-renge-kyo", Sōka Gakkai quickly became a powerful organization that now seeks (IHOMO) to dominate Japan through heavy-handed involvement in the political arena (the Komeito/New Komeito party), and through control of media organizations and commercial conglomerates.

So? What do I care?

Well, take a gander at their Five Fold Path to National Domination:

1. Spiritually : Make everyone join Sōka Gakkai
2. Politically : Have the Komei Party take the rein of the Japanese government.
3. Economically : Have business enterprises affiliated with Sōka Gakkai control Japanese financial circles.
4. Ensure Sōka Gakkai members fill key positions of Japanese society - administrative organs (including the Ministry of Justice), media organizations, educational organizations, and cultural organizations.
5. Finally, Sōka Gakkai Supreme Leader, Daisaku Ikeda, will be rule Japan! (cue: evil laughter).

Philosophically, while also being the most aggressively intolerant bunch of ____s in organized religion, all of this directly infringes on MY (and our) right to be pleasure-seeking hedonists. Furthermore, my first Japanese gf was a Sōka Gakkai nut-hugger, and kicked me to the curb for not wanting to be a member. Were she not brainwashed by the money-hungry cult, her perfectly-spherical boobies meant she would have been a keeper.

Since then, it has always been personal.

So, how do we stop these holier-than-thou bunch of pompous poofters and this dangerous cult taking over these heathen lands? Simple: stop using their sh!t.

A bit of JBS investigative research has uncovered the following to be Sōka Gakkai-owned companies:

Mainichi Shinbun,

Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS),

Seven & Holdings (formerly Seven Eleven)

Hito Communications

Benesse (including Berlitz).

Companies directly owned by Sōka Gakkai can be identified with a symbol of a walking/running man or men, as shown in the examples:

The following companies and corporations were found to have direct links to Sōka Gakkai; essentially under their control:

Japan Railways (JR),
Doutour Coffee,
Don Quijote,
Comme ça du mode,
100 yen shop DAISO,
Nippon Ham,
SECOM Security,
Bikkuri Donki (hambag restaurant).

The above lists, I believe, are a good place to start the boycott of a cult which is determined to continue as a "powerfully benevolent force in society," by either subliminally brainwash non-members and/or taking the proceeds of affiliated sales to fund their schemes.

So, is anyone interested in joining in?

Kind Regards,


P.S. Mods, I couldn't find the "Roughing Up Powerful Cults" Forum. Have I posted in the correct place? Thanks.

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