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Friday, August 3, 2018

Response to an SGI leader in the form of questions

An SGI leader writes: 

"Of course temple members can and should be considered allies in the battle for Kosen-Rufu! Isn't the Daishonin's mercy boundless enough to include everybody? If we allow ourselves to become narrow-minded and divisive, we cannot help people. On the other hand, the Daishonin's Buddhism is for the sake of the common people, and the demon called Dairokuten-no Mao lives in the guise of "authority." Fact of the matter is this: priests are no longer needed. If enlightenment is the act of facing the Gohonzon and chanting Daimoku, why do we need a priest to explain anything? Human beings have been licking the feet of priests since the dawn of time, and to this day we are still the victims of the corrupt systems we ourselves create. Isn't it time we changed it and overcame this weakness." 

His next post was as follows: 

"One further thought: My concern for temple members is that because they reject President Ikeda, their practice must be much more difficult to maintain. There is something very important in the mentor-disciple relationship. To my experience, it is where the lifeblood of faith pulses, and to practice without it would seem to me at least to be "an endless, painful austerity." There's a big difference between Sensei's scholarship and activities and a priest who's trying his best to be a "nice guy" to keep his game going." 

Response [in the form of questions]:

Question: Where in the Gosho can one find the mentor-disciple doctrine as preached by the SGI? 

Question: Which will come about first, the abolition and eradication of nuclear weapons or the rapproachment of the SGI and the Nichiren Shoshu? 

Question: Are there any inconsistencies in the posters arguments? 

Question: Which is the greater autocracy, the SGI or the Nichiren Shoshu?

Question: Is President Ikeda a priest? 

Question: Did the Daishonin disparage all priests? Was the Daishonin a priest? 

Question: Should President Ikeda and Nikken be our mentors or should the Eternal Buddha and Nichiren Daishonin. 

Question: The Daishonin refers to WHAT as an endless painful austerity and what does the correct mentor-disciple relationship have to do with it?

Question: What does the lifeblood of faith have to do with the mentor-disciple relationship?
Question: Does President Ikeda write all that is published under his name?

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