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Friday, August 3, 2018

Trite Soka Gakkai discussion questions

“Through this discussion, we began asking — so openly and honestly — all the questions we usually keep buried inside: “Why do I need a mentor?” “Why should President Ikeda be my mentor?” “Am I really living my life as a disciple, or am I living as a follower?” “Are they closer to President Ikeda than I am?”
So much for the SGI guidance, Arrogance is to judge one’s self-worth by comparison with others.
"After asking ourselves these questions, we came up with a question for our region’s central focus for this campaign: “If Sensei were to come to LA North on October 2, what breakthrough would I share with him?” This is the question so many youth are now asking themselves."
Should Shakyamuni Buddha come to the United States, we, his disciples who sprang up from the earth would enquire, 
"World-honored one! Hast thou few ailments and few troubles, and art thou at ease? Are those whom thou mst save readily receiving thy teaching? Do they cause the World-honered One not to become weary?" 
Then we would declare, 
"World-honored One! After the extinction of the Buddha, in this land where the transformed body of the World-honored One exists, we will widely preach this sutra. Wherefore? [Because] we also wish to obtain this truly Great Law not cherishing bodily life nor vainly pursuing breakthroughs in our lives."

SGI members go on to report to their mentor,
"After more than a year of weekly youth-led chanting sessions focused on the oneness of mentor and disciple, this campaign has become the source from which so many seeds of mentor and disciple are blossoming.”
On the other hand, we of the Buddha founded sect would restate the Master Shakyamuni Buddha's teachings,
"We will continuously for one, ten, twenty, thirty, or forty years, receive and keep, read and recite, explain, copy, live and make offerings to this sutra.

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