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Monday, September 24, 2018

50,000 Lions (Liars) of Justice festival experience

r/sgiwhistleblowers•Posted byu/Dreadswamp
23 hours ago
50,000 liars

I broke into tears at the start of my "shift" because I knew what I was in for today. What did I see today from the 50K Lions of Justice extravaganza?

Well, the room sure as hell was not filled to full capacity, and for whatever reason, a GOOD chunk of empty chairs were sectioned off for some reason. The room felt extremely empty at the back, but whatever. Dancers and performers do their thing on stage, and THEN EVERYONE GETS HIT WITH A BUNCH OF WAR FOOTAGE ON MULTIPLE SCREENS.

Also, the room is filled with people ages eleven to twenty-something at the very least. The adults and old folks got their own special little room with a dinky projector. Always good to throw war into kids' faces, no biggie, with ominous music to boot.

Repeat plays of video presentations about Ikeda and his bullshit life story, him him him him him him. Woe is he, boo hoo, such a hero... that no one has ever heard of, in spite of all his amazing achievements. And of course, they have the nerve to say that "Martin Luther King, Jr. would have done exactly what Ikeda does today." Everyone claps and cheers blindly thanks to the taiko drummers lulling them into suggestible calm.

Experiences that appeal to transgender rights (vaguely), in spite of the SGI having an apparent history of anti-LGBT rhetoric. A lady with spina bifida also had a feature. Clapping and cheering ensues because the SGI so cunningly appealed to popular sociopolitical topics of the day. Anyone can be pro-LGBT, after all. On the surface.

More taiko drumming. More Ikeda story, Ikeda Ikeda Ikeda Ikeda Ikeda, him him him him him him him. Gee, who is this guy with so many doctorates who has never been mentioned in history books, Guinness world record books, or any other source of information outside of the pseudo-Buddhist circle? Surely none of this sounds fishy. And why wouldn't such an influential, amazing, revolutionary human being be at this festival? Why haven't we ever heard his voice? Why is he so busy, but can never ever visit HIS GREATEST DISCIPLES, THE UNITED STATES?

More clapping, more cheering. I am singing to myself in the highest pitch I can afford in a desperate bid to drown out the stupid, overblown hype.

Where the hell is Jay Z and Beyonce? Man, all those kids who were told this was a music festival must be bummed out. Oh well. I sure was.

But why? Why am I bummed out?

I'm bummed out because I watched everyone pass by me, and I, a ghost of a person at this point, can't save them. I can't tell them to turn away. I can't convince them to run, to embrace their own passions, and to stay away from this manipulative garbage. I can't make them think. I can't save them. I can't save my family. I've lost everyone I've ever loved to this shit, and I am nothing but a drone.

And I can scream and talk over their heads, and no one bats an eye. I have recently been getting into the habit of singing some of my favorite songs during gongyo because the noise is loud enough to drown out my voice, and I get away with it. Singing at the top of my lungs directly behind people's heads, and they don't even realize it.

And today, I wish I could have gone into the bathroom to just scream forever.

I am so tired.


  1. Check this out and talk later. I'd love to have your insight. Thanks

  2. Why? Do you think I am a fan of the Nichiren Shoshu and their porcine priests? While SGI was singing the praises of the Nichiren Shoshu DaiGohonzon, I had been repudiating it for 19 years. SGI is no better nor is the behavior of SGI leaders any better. Both SGI and NST have changed the fundamental teachings of Nichiren. How can any of them be anything other than devils and demons. Are you an SGI devil?

  3. because "unknown" know nothing of the teachings , apparently he is satisfied with a cheap cult mentality.

    come out , come out whoever u r. nst = cowards.