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Monday, September 17, 2018

Born Taisaku [Fat Building], Ikeda changed his name to Daisaku [Great Building] with commentary

"In your letter you mentioned the great honor you had to give lecture at the family temple of a court noble. But to me it seems very strange for you to say so. You are a priest who renounced the secular world and, what is more, you embrace the most precious teaching in the world. Even if you should meet a Bodhisattva of the highest rank, why should you think it anything special? Much less should you stand in awe of even Bonten or Taishaku. They are the servants of our father, Shakyamuni Buddha, who have been sent by him to govern his domain and support the priests who embrace the true law. Bishamon and the other heavenly kings rule over the four quarters as guards appointed by Bonten and Taishaku. The rulers of the four continents are all retainers of the four heavenly kings. But the ruler of this little island country of Japan would not even qualify as a retainer of the Wheel Rolling Kings who reign over the four continents. He is nothing but an island chieftain. By calling the retainer of this chieftain "his excellency," exulting over "his gracious invitation" and, what is more, by speaking of the "great honor" you had, are you not in essence expressing your low opinion of me, Nichiren? On the whole it seems that when my disciples go to the capitol city, Kyoto, they first heed my warnings but later become crazed by the devil of the sixth heaven. That is exactly what happened to Sho'ubo. Don't become like him and incur heaven's wrath."

"It is crazy that you have already changed your name after spending such a short time in the capitol. I suppose you are even mimicking the Kyoto accent and dialect. If a mouse becomes a bat, it isneither a mouse nor a bird. You are neither a country priest nor a Kyoto priest, and I think you are going the way of Sho'ubo. Use your own country dialect; it is terrible to use a mixture of the two. Is not Sonjo, the name you signed your letter with, the same as the given name of Emperor Gotoba? What a strange choice you have made!" -- On Debating Other Sects

Born Taisaku [Fat Building], Ikeda changed his name to Daisaku [Great Building]. Attached to honors and awards, he sucks up to such men as Zhou Enlai, Gorbachev, Ceasceau, Castro, and Dr. Rahman (Indonesia President), to name a few, never once correcting them as would have Nichiren Daishonin. He lacks the mercy to correct them. Again, this is proof of Ikeda’s and SGI’s duplicity. They will suck up to every Tom Dick, and Harry dictator, tyrant, and intellectual but will slander the powerless members of the other Nichiren sects. SGI is the World of Animality and Ikeda is nothing but a beast.

"It is the nature of common mortals not to know what awaits them in the future. Those who know it well are called worthies or sages. Passing over examples from the past, I will cite one from the present. Lord Hojo Yoshimasa relinquished both his domains and became a lay priest. I hear that, in the end, he abandoned all his many estates, forsook his sons and daughters as well as his wife and secluded himself from the world. You have neither sons nor brothers upon whom you can rely. All that you have is your two fiefs. This life is like a dream. One cannot know if he will live until tomorrow. Even if you should become the most wretched of beggars, never disgrace the Lotus Sutra. Since life is so short in any event, you should not weep over your fate. As you yourself wrote in your letter, you must act and speak without the least servility. Fawning or flattery will only do you more harm. Even if your fiefs should be confiscated or you yourself driven out, think that it is due to the workings of the Ten Goddesses, and wholeheartedly entrust yourself to them." -- A Warning Against Begrudging One's Fief

And further down we read,

"You must in no way behave in a servile fashion toward the magistrate. Tell him, "This fief of mine is not one which my lord bestowed upon me for any ordinary reason. He awarded it to me because I saved his life with the medicine of the Lotus Sutra when he fell seriously ill. If he takes it from me, his illness will surely return. At that time, even if he should apologize to me, Yorimoto, I will not accept it." Having had your say, take your leave in an abrupt manner."

Fawning and flattery is the World of Animality. There is more fawning and flattery in the SGI from top to bottom than the in the federal government or in any major corporation. It is particularly offensive the way Daisaku Ikeda fawns over the intellectuals and men of power in this Latter Age of ours. He takes fawning and flattery to new heights, failing to teach them the Lotus Sutra, Nirvana Sutra, and the correct and sublime teachings of Nichiren Daishonin for fear of alienating these insignificant and dastardly men.

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