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Saturday, September 22, 2018

Discussion of Top SGI Japanese Senior leader salaries

Referring to the salaries of SGI top leaders which I posted, SGI leader Harsh Mishra [>>>>> " ">>>>>] and I have a discussion.

>>>>>It is hard to establish reality on ARBN where "fabricated" ones are put as "facts". I have based my assertions on my own experience and reason.>>>>> 

No fabrication Harsh. These are the numbers from the Tokyo tax office. 

>>>>>Having personally known several SGI leaders who also work as staff, I know what they are paid and how they live.>>>>> 

Harsh, we are not speaking of mid level functionaries or non paid low level functionaries such as yourself. 

>>>>> They have no luxury and their renumeration is just enough for them to lead a life of an average American family. I know how one of them was cocooned in a small apartment in New York given its affordability. >>>>> 

That's so the high level bureaucrats have more for themselves. 

>>>>>However, he told me he didn't care because in any event, he is mostly out of his house working for the SGI.>>>>> 

Then these exorbitantly paid top level leaders should have even less use for their mid six figure salaries. 

>>>>>Also, there are many capable SGI leaders who earned more or at least same out there in the society.>>>>> 

And your proof that these top senior leaders earned their money outside of the Gakkai? 

>>>>> However, they wilingly let go a bit of extra income for the opportunity to work for kosen-rufu.>>>>> 

I see. Could you please cite the brain surgeons, accomplished artists, and business whips who are now top level SGI leaders? Was it really such a sacrifice for one to go from say $500,000.00 a year to say, $400,000 a year? And what about the perks? Are they taxed or factored in?   

>>>>>Since I know some of these cases personally, no amount of statistical distortion will change things.>>>>> 

You know some of these top senior leaders personally? I don't mean someone like Ethan Gelbaum who is a mid level functionary. I mean people like Wada. Has he had you over to his house for tea or taken you out to dinner? 

>>>>>As far as  the income of President Ikeda is concerned, here is what I have to say: 1) Your figures  cannot be trusted unless you bring in the official documents and publish it on the web. Can you?>>>>> 

I can't even get my transcripts from the University of Rome without flying there. Take my word for it, these are OFFICIAL Tax documents as surely as the copies of my transcripts from Rome are official documents. 

>>>>>2) You don't realize the personal credentials of Mr. Ikeda. He is an author of several popular books. I have personally bought tonnes of his books (which worth much more the amount spent), and there are millions around the world who gladly and voluntarily do the same.>>>>> 

LOL. You have made my point. 

>>>>> It's a mistaken view that he lives on contribution, rather he is the BIGGEST individual financial contributor in the world toward the endeavor undertaken by the SGI - within the organization or in the society).>>>>> 

Now, YOU will have to supply his tax deductions for charitable contributions. I'm sure they are much greater than Governor Perry who contributed 0.50% of his gross income. However, if SGI's $50,000 donation to the victims of the Tsunami in Indonesia are an indication, he may  be even cheaper.

>>>>>I AM A WITNESS to his contributions. You can't deny what I have touched and consumed.>>>>> 

And your proof that he paid for them out of his pocket is??? Anyway, you are too modest. I am sure you contribute a good portion of your salary to the cause, enough to have bought ten times or even one hundred times what you have received. 

>>>>>Living a modest life himself (modest compared to what he may have earned), he has only functioned as a channel for funds to be directed toward the work of kosen-rufu.>>>>> 

Modest is the lifestyle of the Daishonin and his followers. Your sensorium is clouded and your insight and judgement is poor. Is this not actual proof that something is wrong with your faith? 

>>>>>You have no idea of how he has utilized his personal resources.>>>>> 

And neither do you. 

>>>>> However, the problem lies in your perception of Mr. Ikeda, therefore, you can't see what I do... (... and then again may choose to call me a brainwashed one). >>>>> 

The truth is self evident. 

>>>>>3) Third, let me tell you, I too will grow in my personal wealth and fortune as my practice continues.>>>>> 

"Wealth is slight, the Dharma is important." Do you know who said this? I am more interested that you grow in the Dharma and open your eyes. 

>>>>> My personal capability to have legitimate and hard earned wealth will grow over time - it is the promise of the Daishonin.>>>>> 

No. The promise of the Daishonin is food, clothing, and shelter. Nothing more. 

>>>>> just like Shijo Kingo  eventually obtained a larger piece of land.>>>>> 

And the other disciples of the Daishonin? What about Nichiren himself? 

>>>>>Just like Mr. Ikeda, I too will channel my personal resources for the sake of kosen-rufu.>>>>> 

No doubt you will channel your personal resources, straight into the pockets of the top Japanese senior leaders. 

>>>>> In fact, this is perhaps my only motivation for generating honest personal resources... knowing that it is not easy at all to contribute generously. His living example serves as a real inspiration.  I have already begun in my own modest way given my current capacity.>>>>> 

Poor man (woman?) 

>>>>>The theory about the sincerity of the SGI leaders is correct, however, your proof fails to disprove the theory and is largely misleading.>>>>> 

 It is correct and a reflection of the true nature of the Soka Gakkai. 

>>>>>Have a good day.>>>>> 

It ain't always easy, "where the fun never stops." 

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