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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

"I've never once been asked for money" -- highly indignant [or lying] SGI cult member

SGI Woman's Division Guidance
Sept-Oct 1989

Special Zaimu Campaign

Think Twice Campaign (or reward yourself Campaign)

This means you think twice before buying any item and ask yourself, "Do I really need this now?" If you don't, you can reward yourself by putting this money into Special Zaimu (Money Collection)

Treasure Hunt Campaign 

To hunt for valuable possessions that may be "hiding" in your house. These things can be sold through garage sales, pawn shops ads in papers, etc. Prime the pump Campaign 

Especially in cases of financial difficulty, when a member is encouraged to contribute immediately, this cause will give the member an immediate surge of excitement and the confidence to continue fighting to contribute. 

The Day by Day Campaign (Turtle Race Campaign) 

This means to determine to save a certain amount every day and to reach this goal by cutting back on regular spending habits. One member broke down her total goal into daily increments, determining to save $12 a day for a year. In this way she was able to attain her goal of $4000. 

Warm Dialogue Campaign 

By opening our own hearts and sharing our experience, we can warmly encourage members who are hesitant to contribute. 

As an example, one WD Chapter Chief had a member who decided to run away from all her problems. She  bought a one-way ticket to San Francisco. Based on her WD chief's warm and confident guidance to take this opportunity to fight to change her fortune by contributing to the Special Zaimu [money collection], she cashed in her bus ticket and gave all the money to Special Zaimu [money collection]. Within 24 hours, she was offered a job which came with a new apartment. 

One member's husband surprised her with a gift that amounted to many times her goal of contributing. he told her he had been saving the money for many months after hearing her say how much she wanted to go to France. Of course, she gave **all** the money to special Zaimu! 

You can tell from these experiences how much everyone enjoyed [sic] this special Zaimu Campaign. 


I'll bet! Getting people to give $4000 in one lump sum x how many members? Sounds very enjoyable [for the high salaried top leech leaders].. 

But let's see what the SGI New Human Revolution has to say about this... 

"Sensei...," she began hesitantly, as if wondering how to broach a difficult subject. "Actually, Yukiko Gilmore and some of the others have collected a dollar from each member because they want to treat us to dinner....Shin'ichi's face clouded when he heard Kiyohara's words. "That won't do" he said. He sent for Yukiko Gilmore and proceeded to give her careful and detailed instruction on this point. 

"By announcing that you have decided to collect money to buy me dinner, you end up creating an atmosphere where everyone will feel they should comply even if they don't want to. Therefore, you may say it's everyone's wish, in effect it will be half compulsory. This may actually cause some people to harbor mistrust toward the Soka Gakkai. 

"Even thought the original intent may have been sincere, it could quite easily throw the member's faith into confusion. Therefore, leaders must take great care never to collect money from members. In the Soka Gakkai, we are very strict about money matters, if anything, tending towards over-cautiousness.

"Although it may seem like I am being very harsh, I want you to take the money and respectfully return it to each person, carefully explaining to each the reason why." Shin'ichi was fully aware that her actions had been well intentioned. Thus the thought of having her apologize and return the money to each member pained him. However, if she was to lead the organization, she had to learn the Soka Gakkai's strict attitude towards money matters. Otherwise, there was a possible danger that some major problem over money might erupt in the future. 

Source: World Tribune, Feb 21, 1994 

SGI is a duplicitous evil organization headed by a conman who would take every last penny of your hard earned dollars if he could..

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