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Saturday, September 22, 2018

Lying deluded top Soka Gakkai leader, Deano

"The SGI members daily lives always show actual proof. Through over coming obstacles day by day we create good fortune and karma that can break through the bonds that cause our lessor self to win over our buddha nature. We will march on to the 21st century unafraid of heretics and slanderers because our eyes are affixed on our Great Master Ikeda Sensei. 

Those who leave this orbit of faith are unable to see the clear reflection of the full potential that lies within their own lives that is secretly hidden. 

The Gohonzon is within the mortal flesh of all human beings. Awakening to this can only be achieved by orbiting the SGI globe of faith. 

For the correct faith and to return to that which you may have lost, you can e-mail me privately. 

No need to be ashamed of your errors, and the fact that the priests fooled you! As you see the Kempon guy is afraid to debate with SGI leaders, but he can pick on the members, how pitiful. " -- Deano self proclaimed "well paid" salaried SGI senior leader

I give up. When can I return my Nichiren Gohonzon for Nichikan's grotesque imitation? When can I affix my gaze on the Great Master Ikeda? I'm tired affixing my gaze on the insignificant Buddha Shakyamuni and Nichiren Daishonin.

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