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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Soka Gakkai's and Nichiren Shoshu's doctrines are in opposition to themselves

The SGI's and NST's doctrines are based on several key self serving forged Gosho and mistranslated Gosho passages. We base our doctrine on the Lotus Sutra and the entire authenticated Gosho [in Nichiren's hand]. The concordance of our doctrines approaches 100%. The concordance of SGI 's and NST's doctrines approaches 20%. Who are those who base themselves on SGI's and Nichiren Shoshu's shaky doctrinal foundation? Those refusing to examine the issues dispassionately, sincerely, impartially, and logically. Who are those who base themselves on Nichiren's doctrines? Those with faith in the Lotus Sutra who possess a seeking mind. 

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