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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Warning from a former Indian SGI member

"I was a member of sgi for many many years. I have gone to hundreds of meetings. I have read their newspaper for many many years and worked to apply it to my life. I am telling you this so that when I tell you my opinion of the sgi I want you to understand that I am speaking from very first hand long time experience and I want you to know that I not just speaking off the top of my head without really understanding the organization. In a nutshell I want to inform anyone who reads this that the sgi organization is not something I would recommend to get involved with and I wish that I didn't stay with it as long as I did. It really stunted my growth and brainwashed me. This organization is not healthy although from the outside it seems to be. I would even say it is very harmful. Its like thinking you are eating a healthy carrot but inside the carrot have been put poison that you can't see or taste. that you cant really see. They are purposely hidden from you. I can write for hours about why I have this opinion but I don't want to waste my time and it is also too painful for me to see how my precious life was contaminated by believing that I was just eating a carrot. I wish that I never ever came in contact with the sgi. I am so glad that I can see now and that I am wise enough to have nothing to do with the sgi or the arrogant brainwashed people who I, at one time, believed were my friends. Any one going to meetings please don't be as gullible as me. I learned the painful hard way and lost years of my life. I am not writing this to be mean or send hate. I am writing this out of the goodness of my heart in order so save people from falling in the trap that I did and if I can save even one person from the mistake that I made of staying with the organization for so long then it would be worth the small effort it has taken me to write this."

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