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Saturday, September 15, 2018

"Why Don't the Followers of Nichiren Buddhism Worship Buddha Idol?" -- unlearned Soka Gakkai member

Because Soka Gakkai members are too busy worshiping Daisaku Ikeda?

"And on another occasion the little retreat where I was living, where I had enshrined a statue of Shakyamuni Buddha as the object of devotion, and where I stored the texts of the various sutras, was attacked and destroyed, and the statue of the Buddha and sutra texts were not only trampled upon, but thrown into the mud and filth. And a scroll of the Lotus Sutra, which I had placed in the breast of my robe, was snatched forth and I was mercilessly beaten over the head with it. These heinous crimes were carried out not because of any ancient enmity harbored against me or because of any offense I had recently committed, but solely because I worked to propagate the teachings of the Lotus Sutra." -- Nichiren

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