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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Daisaku Ikeda talks "Creator" with a capital "C".

Daisaku Ikeda Such efforts of Ukrainian church truly deserve admiration and respect. Its dedication to humanist ideas makes positive impact on societal well-being in general. And I would like to bow low to Ukrainians for their wisdom and tolerance.

M.R. [me]: He should have told his Ukrainian counterpart that it is precisely because of Ukraine's false religions that their country is destined for destruction. He should have stated in no uncertain terms that unless every last person in Ukraine chants Namu myoho renge kyo, there will never be peace and security in Ukraine. 

D.I. SGI statutes proclaims that owing to Buddhism tolerant spirit SGI members will respect other religions and search for an open dialogue and cooperation with them in order to discuss and solve essential problems of humankind.

It goes without saying that each religion has its own system of beliefs. But when it concerns human life and its defense, there should be no misunderstanding between different religions. I hope such an approach will prevail in the minds of religious leaders.

Each world religion was born due to huge Creator's philanthropy. It appeared not in the name of religion but for a human. Creator didn't have intention to use a human being for religious purposes. We should always remember this. That's why I am confident that all religions can cooperate among them for human sake.

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