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Sunday, October 28, 2018

Gratitude only for Sensei?

"Let us refresh ourselves striving to repay our debt of gratitude to SGI Sensei. May contribution campaign is almost over. Now is the time to give what you have saved for May Contribution with a tremendous sense of gratitude and appreciation for everything our wonderful mentor has done for us." -- SGI leader 

"Those who have no gratitude lead a life that is dark and cheerless because they destroy the very fabric that makes them human. Those who lack appreciation are unhappy. Their hearts are dark and impoverished and they are always discontent, filled with jealousy, resentment, and complaint. In this way they isolate themselves from others, whittling away all hope and good fortune. They destroy their own happiness and send themselves reeling into a state of emptiness and despair. Arrogant people, who likewise lack a sense of appreciation, are also unhappy and lonely." -- New Human Revolution as quoted by SGI leader

"Just like Sensei, together with Sensei lets learn how to fight. All I have is my debt of gratitude for mentor. How can I repay my debt of gratitude for mentor? That's all I have. The prime point is the oneness of mentor and disciple. Proclaim mentor's greatness to the entire world." -- SGI Malaysian General Director

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