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Sunday, October 7, 2018


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Soka Gakkai presents itself as a Buddhist/Humanist religion working for peace. It is a UN Non-Governmental Organisation with links to various educational, social, cultural and peace groups. It makes regular (if rather small) tax-deductable donations to worthy causes - details of which are loudly trumpeted in immodest press releases. All in all, the image Soka Gakkai are trying to cultivate is that of a philanthropic peace group, related to Buddhism. One can easily see how anyone could get such an impression, however, if they bother to dig a little deeper a very different picture emerges.

Soka Gakkai is, in fact an eastern cult group-- one of the many "new religions" that sprung up after the end of WW2. It is very clever, very subtle, it has excellent PR, but it is none-the-less, at heart, quite similar to the Unification Church and Scientology- but much worse!


The reality of Soka Gakkai is often obscured because of many of the rank and file members seem to lead normal family lives. Sure they give money at regular fund-raising drives - this allows the leaders of the Gakkai to have spectacularly large wage packets - but the pressure to donate is cleverly done - the reasoning given is usually along the lines of "You can change your money karma by giving" or "you are actually giving to yourself". A recent BBC documentary on the Gakkai revealed the huge pressure that Soka Gakkai members are under to contribute towards the Gakkai's billion dollar turnover, as well as many facts about the eastern cult.

There are other more sinister aspects to the Soka Gakkai, which most of the rank and file members have little contact with. A leaked memo given to senior European leadersreveals instructions on how to deal with a rival Buddhist group. Amongst other things it ordered :

"...Initially and especially we should be "pro-active", in other words, be informed of all the movements of the Nikken Sect and apply a practical system of "counter-action". As you have already been informed, the SGI Strategy Dept. has been founded at the SGI-Head Office. In the past, the movements of the Nikkensect have been carefully monitored outside of Japan and in conjunction with the Bureau of the European Continent, counter-activities were instigated. Moreover, the Strategic Department has been provided to strengthen this system. In several countries in which seminars  about the Nikkensect were held, and guidance relevant to this was given,  campaigns to win the members back were carried out. In addition, measures were taken against the Priests and Danto organisations."

This behaviour sort of destroys the image of a peaceful religious group working for the promotion of culture and education through Humanism. But it originates in the upper leadership itself! This darker side of the SGI organization, it's leadership and it's members can be observed in many tell-tale signs common to most cult groups...


In common with Branch Davidians, Scientologists and Moonies, Soka Gakkai members make wild claims of the misfortunes to be suffered if one leaves the cult. By drawing vivid and shocking (though totally unsubstantiated) examples, Soka Gakkai members are attempting to scare people from leaving the organisation, and intimidate those who dare criticise SGI and their leader, Daisaku Ikeda.

Typical examples on internet can be seen in these anonymous WWW Sites created by SGI members :

Kachiyuke Soka - literally this member's screen name means "Victory to Soka Gakkai". His 12-27-98 USENET postings speak of diseases, accidents and fatalities as he seeks to warn people about the dangers of criticising Soka Gakkai. He further states that it is possible to avoid the tragic punishments by joining Soka gakkai.  See his most recent USENET post here :

When this crazy person was confronted by a non-member, another Soka Gakkai member replied:

"...How do you know it's NOT true? The creepy thing is how important all this stuff is to you. You gotta defend  his Holiness at all costs, don't you?" -- Kathy R

Domeinews - another SGI member website - this one claims to express the views of group of Soka Gakkai affiliated ex-Buddhist priests and speaks of the horrific injuries that can be suffered if one leaves the cult.

Other websites gleefully document the deaths of people who supposedly left or criticised the cult or practice a "heretical religion":

Further information about the SGI on the internet can be found  at: 


SGI members attempt to explain the SGI death websites as being the responsibility of only those anonymous members who made them. The anonymous makers of those sirtes have even posted disclaimers stating that they are not affiliated with the official SGI organisation. However, upon closer investigation it is clear where their perversion of the causal law has it's origin:

"Knowing the Causal Law" 
A speech by Daisaku Ikeda 

Subtitle: "What happens to those people who harass Buddhist practitioners? 

In this speech, the SGI president outlines the tragic effects they must always face in the end: 

 "All who have harassed, persecuted and betrayed the Soka gakkai  have all incurred- and will definitely continue to incur- strict retribution."  (World Tribune Sept. 25, 1998 page 6)

"Those who criticize and attack us and the SGI will incur negative effects and consequences in accord with the uncompromising workings of the Mystic Law, of the strict Buddhist law of cause and effect. Some have said that the hard times Japan is now suffering are part of those  adverse consequences" -- Daisaku Ikeda, World Tribune Aug 14, 1998, p 8

Herein lies one of the biggest reasons the world media considers SGI to be such an intolerant and dangerous cult. This has been the tone of the Soka Gakkai for over 30 years as evidenced by this chapter of a book written in 1970  that the SGI tried to ban:


Inevitably cult groups like Soka Gakkai will make many opponents over the years. These people are open to vicious personality attacks of the most base order. Nothing more amply demonstrates how far Soka Gakkai has drifted from it's Buddhist roots than the websites of some of it's members. The principle targets of abuse are Masamoto  Yamazaki - a former Soka Gakkai official, opponents of Soka Gakkai's Komeito political party, Nobuko Nobuhira an ex-Gakkai  Womens Division member who alleged that Soka Gakkai Cult leader Daisaku Ikeda had raped her, and Nikken Shonin - the high priest of the Buddhist religion that excommunicated Soka Gakkai after Ikeda formed his own new religion in 1991.

Like the attacks on newspapers the treatment of Soka Gakkai's enemies is equally indicative of the Soka Gakkai cult mentality. Strange scatological stories are invented by the SGI website owners - usually hiding behind pseudonyms so that they never have to take responsibility for their content (e.g.. providing proof).

Even the families of Soka Gakkai opponents are attacked in the manner of a purlieu school child. Daughters of Soka Gakkai enemies are portrayed as "drunks" and mothers are smeared as "prostitutes." No evidence is ever given and all requests for some form of unbiased proof are met with silence.

Those wishing to see the depths to which fanatical, militant Soka Gakkai members will sink in their efforts to execrate Ikeda's opponents can witness the bile for themselves at the following members websites :

How long has Soka Gakkai been waging their hate campaigns against their percieved enemies? Read a chapter from the book SGI tried to ban in 1970:


Unfortunately, the president of SGI doesn't speak kindly of those  members who only wish to practice their religion  and simply leave others alone:

"Why Is It Important to Fight against Nikken? Nikken = "the one evil"  "He is the source of all the trouble." 

"On the other hand, 'shirkers and idlers' who fail to speak out when they should and who are unable to repudiate evil are, in the final analysis, slandering the Law themselves. . . . no matter how much daimoku lazy people chant, they will not receive true benefit or develop a diamondlike state of being.  They will not attain 

Buddhahood. . . . Buddhism is very strict.  No matter what excuses people make or what leadership position they hold, if they do not fight against evil, they will fall into hell." -- January 11, 1997 speech by SGI President Daisaku Ikeda in Tokyo, 

February 21, 1997, World Tribune (p. 11)

If you are an SGI member who has not participated in the many campaigns to fight the "Nikken sect" just remember that the leader of your "religion" says that you are going to FALL INTO HELL.


The SGI Charter states: 

"The greatest personal satisfaction and fulfillment in life is realized by working for the happiness of others These values are expressed in the SGI's Charter, which embodies core beliefs in the ideal of world citizenship, the spirit of tolerance, and the safeguarding of fundamental human rights."

"We, the constituent organisations and members of SGI, therefore, being determined to raise high the banner of world citizenship, the spirit of tolerance, and respect for human rights... SGI shall respect and protect the freedom of religion and religious expression." 

How do such insane activities and statements by the SGI President, leaders and members promote the values reflected in this so-called charter that the SGI claims to uphold? How can one continually wage campaigns of hatred and intolerance on religions and individuals, and at the same time "respect and protect" the very religous beliefs that SGI holds in such contempt and vowed to destroy?

Obviously, that is impossible. One would have to make a choice. SGI has clearly made their choice- to completely disregard  their own charter, while at the same time trumpeting it to the whole world as if they really upheld it. At the same time, the SGI promotes the United Nations covenant on Universal Human Rights:

"Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance."

The SGI celebrated with the UN on the 50th anniversary of this covenant just this year. But why do they promote such a thing while their actions totally contradict the letter and the spirit of the charter???


Like most cult groups, Soka Gakkai has a very effective publishing empire and inevitably this is the only source of material most of it's members see. However, when recent BBC TV and Time magazine items exposed the darker side, they were attacked with a telling ferocity. see :

While the rest of the world knows that these and other major publications are reputable news sources, Soka Gakkai deny their reliability. Like many people in denial, (cult groups, flat-earthers, holocaust denialists etc.) Soka Gakkai alleges that there is a global conspiracy against them involving the Japanese Government, prestigious world media organizations, and those who left their organisation.This is reflected in a number of Soka Gakkai member websites:

The press coverage they are so angry about is documented on an ex-Soka Gakkai cult member's website :


It may seem an odd state of affairs for an organisation to put so much effort into creating a PR image that their own followers then undo, but Soka gakkai leaders either have no control over these websites or no desire to control them. It is often said that "the insane do not know that they are insane" and this certainly seems to be the case with Soka Gakkai members, and the nasty offensive websites and internet presence of many SGI members would seem to be a direct result of the motivation and hatred inspired in Soka Gakkai meetings, guidance and publications.  The American Soka Gakkai magazine World Tribune recently listed a link site connecting all these hateful member websites - so perhaps their spin doctors are not too concerned after all.



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