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Sunday, October 28, 2018

SGI has turned Nichiren's religion into a cult

Nichiren teaches that faith in the Lotus Sutra is first and foremost. It is enough to chant until one feels happy, usually fifteen or twenty minutes. Of course, there are times when one might want or need to chant more, for example, the recent loss of a loved one or good friend or during a serious illness. Finding a mate or the perfect job, is not a life and death situation. SGI has turned Nichiren's religion into a cult, a prosperity [and personality] cult. The incessant chanting of Daimoku makes one highly suggestible while a deep and abiding faith makes one strong and self assured. In fact, chanting for hours and hours for trite benefit is the opposite of a strong faith. Since the Law is supreme, one should expect fabulous and expeditious results. If one fails to gain benefit by doing the morning and evening practice, it is because one's faith is warped, not because one is not chanting enough Daimoku. The Lotus Sutra also teaches that one moment of faith and joy may be enough.

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