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Thursday, October 25, 2018

SGI off the record

To protect themselves and the mentor [from lawsuits?], in their public guidances, they relay Ikeda's guidance to get plenty of rest and to use common sense but during the actual activities of the young men's and young woman's division, everyone is pressured to do more and sleep less. -- Nichiju

Things are indeed different "off-the-record" within the cult. If you ever did try to invoke Ikeda's "official" guidance, you're treated like sh**, home visited, and manipulated to get with the program and do more (even if the rest of your life and family are falling apart, which in the warped mind of the cult is even more reason to practice harder, "double, even triple your efforts"). It's a vicious cycle and it eventually breaks people in different ways. And for those it doesn't break, I can think of a dozen examples of people I know who are still practicing and have horrible intractable personal problems of the kind that ultimately cannot be squared with their years of practice - except in their own delusional minds. -- Hitch

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