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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Soka Gakkai's "fresh meat"

"A point about SGI-USA. Very clearly, their designed mandate, is NOT for many members to be SGI-lifers, as in Japan, for example. 

Its very very clear, that in the USA, SGI came up with a strategy to be able to access a large number of more casual members, where they can just collect dues money. 

SGI-USA also has another level, where they bring in some newbies who are gung-ho for SGI, and then get them to work and slave away for a few years for SGI, then burn out and leave. SGI-USA has many levels of structured membership. 

They are very happy to have those who just give them dues money. Others, SGI-USA is happy to use as a workerbee for some years, and then dump them. 

So its an error to think that SGI-USA wants to only create SGI-lifers with all their members. In fact, they do not want that. 

SGI will only take those it can really control into its inner circles, and doesn't trust most Americans. Ikeda knows ultimately, Americans prefer to think for themselves. 

So the pattern described above, of joining and being Love-bombed by SGI, then being conned into working as a worker-bee for SGI for a number of years, then burning out and quitting...that is part of the design of SGI-USA. They know its better to burn members out, and then discard them, and find fresh meat, as they say. Its like certain corporations that do the same thing, they just churn through entry level staff, and never have to pay benefits. Its the cost of business. 

Same with SGI-USA, they churn members in the same way.

So SGI-USA has a number of levels. 

And just using a member until they burn out, that is a huge part of SGI-USA. SGI doesn't mind, as then it gets rid of any "complainers" and forces SGI-USA to find new people, which these cults think of as "fresh meat" -- anticult

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