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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Stupidity and magical thinking is Ikedaism

"So I ask you What has Ikeda really done and how is SGI really a peace movement with the Soka Spirit hate movement still very much a part of the organization; with Komeito killing Article 9 of the Japanese constitution; and with SGI's partnership with Mitsubishi Heavy Industrials? How has this gone over the heads of all these educated people, doctors, world class musicians, and university professors?" -- Goodgirl

Thanks to Ikeda, the Russians tore down the Berlin wall [it's "documented " according to SGI cult members]. I also heard that Ikeda stopped the genocide in Rwanda and that he was instrumental in ending the Vietnam conflict. Now I hear that Ikeda is smoothing things over with his Chinese pals over the disputed islands. I heard in 1980 from a  YWD leader that "thanks to Ikeda SGI there will no longer be nuclear weapons on earth by the year 2000" and  in 2010 YMD national leader Nathan Gauer assured us that thanks to SGI, nuclear weapons would be eradicated by 2013.

40 years Ago the SGI-Italy YWD chief insisted that nuclear weapons would be eradicated by SGI in 20 years. When I logically explained why that was exeedingly unlikely, she impugned my faith. Stupidity and magical thinking is not faith in the Lotus Sutra. Stupidity and magical thinking IS Ikedaism.

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