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Thursday, October 25, 2018

"Taking Mommy and Daddy’s cash simply isn’t enough for Ikeda. They’re aggressively going after junior’s allowance too!"

"I had gotten access to the latest issue of the World Tribune today. Since next month is their all-important May contribution campaign, it was full of reminders about how the members should feel appreciation towards the organization (hint, hint). Most disgusting was the propaganda aimed towards children. Following a 2-page comic strip about giving a contribution was a “How To Make a World Peace Piggy Bank” craft article. In it, they tell kids to find a plastic container and adorn it with construction paper, stickers, etc. And then it said the following: “You can put it by your altar or somewhere in the house where you can fill it up with coins and bills. Watch your bank become filled with appreciation and then make a contribution from your heart!” -- Shavoy 

"Taking Mommy and Daddy’s cash simply isn’t enough for Ikeda. They’re aggressively going after junior’s allowance too!

Boy, oh I glad I didn't renew my subscription. This stuff is beyond gack-worthy. And I'm sure, SGBye, that Ikeda as Master-Mentor abounds on every page as well. 

The SGI is totally an all-inclusive organization. There is no room for "heart-to-heart" dialogue with people of differing minds. And I wonder what will happen to the children in the future? Suspecting mass defection somewhere down the line."-- Hitch

"@Hitch....remember hearing how SGI activities will be "the only golden memories" you will have?? == Shavoy

"Speaking of the money again: What will Ikeda do with the money? You don't see luggage racks on a hearse." -- Shavoy

"Hiromasa is so dull and lacking personality, what else could he do except inherit daddy's billions and accept soon to be posthumous awards for Ikeda? I know, I know, he is a humble teacher who holds a sociology degree. I guess there were too many applicants for the Hachioji college of applied basket weaving and he was rejected. BTW SGBye, thanks for the World Tribune update. Anybody with half a functioning brain who hasn't been completely brainwashed should run, not walk, out the culture centers exits. Instead of AAO, I have a new salute for Ikeda and his top lieutenants, Oink, Oink!!!" -- Hitch

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