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Saturday, October 27, 2018

The similarities between Daisaku Ikeda and Devedatta

Devedatta was the most evil man in the history of Buddhism. Ikeda,, as Devedatta, usurped the teachings of Buddhism and claimed that only he practices correctly. He also asserts that Nichiren's practice no longer fits the times as did Devedatta regarding the Buddha's practice. The SGI members praise Ikeda's vast knowledge of Buddhism as if he is a living Buddha. Devedatta was praised by his deluded disciples as having mastered the 80,000 teachings and boasted that his wisdom shone throughout the world. Devedatta himself claimed that the Buddha was too lax while he was much more austere. Devedatta also attempted to usurp the Buddha's disciples as Ikeda attempts to usurp the disciples of Nichiren. When Devedatta realized that he could never engender the same respect as Shakyamuni Buddha, he became filled with jealousy and he attempted to kill the Buddha and his disciples. Ikeda too, never able to command the same respect as Shakyamuni Buddha (and Nichiren) attempts to kill Shakyamuni Buddha and Nichiren by destroying their teachings.

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