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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

"Training" is cult speak for manipulation

The Malibu mansion was an incredible property located off PCH (Pacific Coast Highway/Highway 1) in California, right across from/near Pepperdine University. It was called "The Malibu Training Center." ("Training" is cult-speak, for manipulation.) Even as a kid/teenager, that property never failed to take my breath away - especially the grounds and view. Many areas of the property were officially "off limits" even to members - and strictly enforced. This property always had a different feel to it in comparison to all of the other gakkai cult buildings; more of a "mafia-don" kind of atmosphere, very plush, yet very unwelcoming, untrusting and one with a whiff of suspicion wafting in the air around every corner on the inside of the buildings. There were usually "Malibu Garden Parties" held there for The Dear Leader back in the 80's when he used to actually venture abroad. It's interesting to note that the general membership celebrations were held outside in the garden and only the hardcore high level cult leaders were allowed inside the buildings for other "guidance" meetings. If you weren't a trusted high level leader, you didn't gain access into certain areas. And once your "job" at the Malibu center was completed, you were ushered off just as quickly as you arrived. 

Date: January 03, 2013 02:27AM

That's The Malibu "Training" Center in the background (again, "training" is a euphemism for cult member brainwashing / thought reform / manipulation - just take a look at that group signed vow, "Our spirit is to never taiten - no matter what").

(The cult org. is fond of that phrase. And "taiten" is cult-speak for "stop following The Dear Leader" now. In retrospect, the cult org. appears to be constantly pretty paranoid about losing "members", looking at this photo / vow thru 2013 eyes.)

Happy Cult Memories, All

Oh, on that note (cult memories), I just wanted to add:

Re: My "YOUTH!" division memories at The Cult Malibu Thought Reform Center

I felt like a potted plant, wallpaper and decoration from my time there. You were lined up, moved around, yelled at, forced to smile and otherwise appear super happy (while being yelled at and ordered around, mind you) and do your "Rah-rah-rah!" thing for the photographers and cameras, then you were put into a corner until called out to do the same thing all over again for another Dear Leader walk around. And then you were done and told to leave, until next time.

"Precious 'YOUTH!' member"? No. Accessory/support prop for show (and treated as such)? Yep. Such is the gakkai cult org..

- Hitch

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