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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

All places where the devotees receive and keep the Lotus Sutra is a special place.

The SSA or Soka Singapore Association fails to heed Nichiren Daishonin and therefore, it is on the brink of self-destruction. Over what? A "temple", the Soka Peace Center.

Nichiren teaches:

"Dengyo lived at the end of the Middle Day of the Law, during the period described in the Great Collection Sutra as the age of building temples and stupas."

This age, however, is the age of the Essential Teachings....

"At that time the Buddha addressed Eminent Conduct and the host of other bodhisattvas: "The divine powers of buddhas are so infinite and boundless that they are beyond thought and expression. Even if I, by these divine powers, through infinite, boundless hundred thousand myriad kotis of asamkhyeya kalpas, for the sake of entailing it, were to declare the merits of this sutra, I should still be unable to reach the end of those [merits]. Essentially speaking, all the laws belonging to the Tathagata, all the sovereign, divine powers of the Tathagata, all the mysterious, essential treasuries of the Tathagata, and the very profound conditions of the Tathagata, all are proclaimed, displayed, revealed, and expounded in this sutra. Therefore you should, after the extinction of the Tathagata, wholeheartedly receive and keep, read and recite, explain and copy, cultivate and practice it as the teaching. In whatever land, whether it be received and kept, read and recited, explained and copied, cultivated and practiced as the teaching; whether in a place where a volume of the sutra is kept, or in a temple, or in a grove, or under a tree, or in a monastery, or in a lay devotee's house, in a palace or a mountain, in a valley or in the wilderness, in all these places you must erect a caitya and make offerings. Wherefore? You should know that [all] these spots are the thrones of enlightenment. On these [spots] the buddhas attain Perfect Enlightenment; on these [spots] the buddhas roll the wheel of the Law; on these [spots] the buddhas [enter] parinirvana." -- Lotus Sutra Chapter 21

Today, there are no designated "special places" to practice the Law, chant the Daimoku, worship the Gohonzon, Lotus Sutra, Buddha, and Nichiren Daishonin. All places where the devotees receive and keep the Lotus Sutra is a special place. 

The Sho Hondo was the most glaring example in the brief history of the Latter Age of designating a "special place" and the Soka Gakkai continues to make similar mistakes in Washington DC, Atlanta, Singapore, and especially in Tokyo with the completed Ikeda Hall of the Great Vow. Can severe calamities fail to befall Washington, Atlanta, Singapore and Tokyo? Haven't these calamities already begun?

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