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Friday, November 2, 2018

Another unavailable SGI Video with comment by anonymous and response by Katie

The daimoku they were chanting was fine. The equipment they used is interior. It sounds like one person was close to the mic, while the others sat further away. The person who could be heard the the loudest sounded like they were a bit nasal or being nasal.

I listened to them chant and at times I couldn't understand them. The other times I could hear them perfectly well. I could hear them pronounce the words precisely and clearly.

It wasn't their chanting that was the problem. It was the audio. They most likely used a camera that has a built in microphone. Those kinds of cameras have a bad reputation for for audio.

The visual of the video tells me that they were using an inexpensive camera.


Anonymous-- you are so wrong! There is nothing FINE about the desperate, buzzing sound that you are calling *daimoku* on this video! It is not due to inexpensive or inferior quality microphones, or video equipment-- it is due solely to the *minds* of those who are desperate to promote the egoism of their *mentor*-- who has claimed that one cannot attain Buddhahood without the *mentor/disciple* relationship, specifically Ikeda has stated that *the three SGI presidents* are the mentor and the SGI alone is propagating the *True Teachings* of Nichiren. This is a direct and very grave slander of the Lotus Sutra. 

The insufferable buzzing sound, at the beginning of this video, is emitted from the gadflies who exert all of their efforts toward recruiting and maintaining the cult following of their *mentor* Ikeda--- elevating him to a status above the Buddha , believing THIS is their assurance of *material gain* and *status*. 

Listen to the last segment of the Q&A-- all focused on *who is the eternal mentor*-- will it be Ikeda? Surely there is only a need for someone to handle *organizational matters* after his passing--so important to establish Ikedaism as the *new religion* SGI will practice and propagate. How bizarre!!

One leader insists *sensei* is still writing-- so prolifically that the translators cannot keep up with him! -- . Is THIS the reason Ikeda has been absent for so long? Others contend that Ikeda is either totally incapacitated or dead!

The truncated daimoku, chanted at fever pitch is the death tells for SGI, in my humble opinion. 

-- For nothing in the minds of the leaders who continue to arrange and preside over these non-Buddhist activities comes close to the Buddha's intent-- They USE their truncated daimoku as the means for propagating the self serving agenda of a megalomanic who, for all intents and purposes has disappeared from their collapsing stage.

Please, anonymous--- do not insult the True teaching, Myoho-renge-kyo by claiming that those who steal it, distort it and propagate their own version of Buddhism are FINE. THEY are not FINE and neither is what they chant!!


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