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Saturday, November 3, 2018

Daisaku Ikeda's lack of good fortune

Daisaku Ikeda lost his middle favorite son and successor to a readily curable illness; he lost the so-called High Sanctuary of "True" Buddhism [Sho Hondo]; The Soka Gakkai hasn't grown in twenty years; and most recently, he lost Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution. He also lost his mind and his good health thanks to a stroke. He gained a multi-billion dollar multi-national religious corporation; a cult based on the slanderous teachings of Taisekeji; internecine conflicts throughout his empire; a personal wealth of several billion dollars thanks to hundreds of ghostwritten books and member donations; 300+ bought and paid for honors and awards; and the adoration of millions of brainwashed personality cult followers who can not distinguish black from white.

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