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Friday, November 2, 2018

"Money you can make back, your wasted time is gone forever" - Mudpie

"The daimoku they were chanting was fine. The equipment they used is inferior... It wasn't their chanting that was the problem. It was the audio. They most likely used a camera that has a built in microphone. Those kinds of cameras have a bad reputation for audio."- SGI apologist

"That's strange, that's exactly like SGI's claimed world membership, now just over half of what it was back in '88. 

The teaching too is inferior. The drop in numbers and the inferior quality of their lectures/Q&A tells us they've been using poor quality understanding and guidance materials...

SGI also has a bad reputation for not actually doing anything humanistic, being the change they want to see, funding any kind of relief aid or humanitarian projects, or even being actively involved in any charitable work. Words, words, words, all audio no action.

Perhaps the most chilling part of this video is where the big pitch is made to get people to the "study" meetings because they are vulnerable. 

"They just sit at home chanting and getting benefits (how selfish), not doing their bit for SGI recruitment and profits - opps sorry, I meant 'kosen-rufu' (really, really selfish) and because if that they will be so vulnerable....hmm to what? Ah, vulnerable to spending quality time with their families, friends, being good neighbours, doing well at work etc. etc." -  SGI lecturer

Vulnerable to not getting the message and getting with the SGI program. 

Do they need indoctrination 'study meetings' to study? No, they only need the Gosho and the Lotus Sutra. 

The SGI needs them to be at those meetings. Mr Harada's bonus is riding on it. SGI needs new members and potential new business, not empty chairs, and it needs to get it's manipulative materials into it's duped volunteer base to keep them duped. 

The only thing that's vulnerable is SGI, their profit and the wages of it's hired hands and wealthy board. 

It's so sad to see people honestly believing that at 90 years old, despite not being seen since 2013 and only seeing old Sensei videos that Sensei is still around; "Sensei is writing so much that the translation committee can't keep up. He has no time for photo ops." It's sad to see them lying to members while duping them. 

At least SGI has come clean on the Dai Gohonzon. 

Finally Harada said the priests made a whole bunch of stuff up, it's not in the Gosho and the DaiGohonzon would have held back global expansion (which is funny since they have been running hard in the opposite direction while contracting), so they got rid of it. (It was hitting profits having people buy the rivals product, when SGI doesn't get a cut, doesn't control the stock, and is no linger part of the franchise) it's not in the Gosho...So it's never been in the Gosho...So for 70 years, the combined three presidents who are touted as understanding this stuff so well and who are supposed to have such a deep knowledge of the Gosho didn't realise it wasn't in the Gosho and it was all made up. Or if they did, they just thought they'd go along with it and not rock the boat.

It's a wonder that this and other duped SGI members don't put 2 and 2 together and get 4. 

I guess when you've been conned into giving your every last cent to support a corrupt organisation, you don't have any pennies left that they can choose another course. It's really sad. 

It may be their choices and karma but it still doesn't make that exploitation right. But then fools and their money are easily parted. Money you can make back, your wasted time is gone forever. Brrrr. Chilling." -- Mudpie

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