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Thursday, November 1, 2018

Prime Minister of Japan and the head of the Komeito party discuss various matters

Yamaguchi [head of Komeito party]: How's it hangin' Shinzo, my man?
Abe [Prime Minister of Japan]: Never felt better Nutso... I mean Natsuo. How's dad [Ikeda]?
Yamaguchi: Fine, I think. Is the mike turned off?
Abe [bowing deeply]: Yes [fingers crossed]. Thanks for your full support on our new state's secrets Law.
Yamaguchi: No problem Shinzo. We [SGI] have been practicing the ancient art of secrets for more than seventy years, not to mention the art of lies and deception.
Abe: Ikeda Sensei is very wise, I just worry about his health, haven't seen or heard from him in a while and there are... there are rumors...
Yamaguchi: Shhh...It's a secret. Don't bring it up and don't bring up our affiliation with Mitsubitchi Heavy Industrials [defense] and I won't bring up Fukushima, your plan to repeal Article 9 of the constitution, and our secret nuclear military installations. Israel's got nothing on us... hehe
Abe: Right on Nutso. The Chinese are acting irrationally. Everyone knows they have absolutely nothing to fear [wink wink]. Besides we have the eagle watching our back and Obamasan says fuck the Russians and especially that weak titted Putin and his lying pawn, what's his name...
Yamaguchi: Shroden..
Abe: Yeah Shroden...He'll get whats coming to him, a polonium sandwich from hell [they break out laughing] The CIA is in Fukushima preparing it as we speak. And if any journalist so much as speaks one word about IT or anything for that matter, he'll wish he was a snow monkey in Hokkaido.
Yamaguchi: We [SGI] have dozens of top psychologists working for us, experts in brainwashing and thought control. If I can be of any help?
Abe: Thank you, thank you. Your techniques are legendary but not neceselly. If they [the journalists] say anything, we will force them to work on Fukushima nuclear reactor # 3 for ten years.
Yamaguchi: Excellent, excellent. Vely nice speaking with you.
Abe: Nice speaking with you too.

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