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Monday, November 19, 2018

"You can change anything with the SGI", the reality

1). Thirty year practice, top senior leader, married 17 years, miserable marriage yet always giving guidance on marriage and relationships. In private, always complaining.

2). Twenty five year practice, area leader, both son's doing drugs and they are in and out of jail.

3). Thirty year practice, territory leader, was top YMD leader, wanted to be a lawyer, still doing clerical work and never could finish his BA yet always giving advice on careers, financial matters, and the benefits of zaimu [contributions].

4). General member for 35 years but very into the practice. Considers himself a scholar of Nichiren's Buddhism but in 35 years has only read the Lotus Sutra one time, relying on his mentor's commentaries.

5). Salaried senior leader, son top senior leader, he too had high aspirations to become a lawyer but too many activities and no will to study. Divorced after 23 years to another top senior leader. Always lecturing about the benefits of the practice but angers easily if he is challenged on just about anything.

6). Another senior leader, morbidly obese, tons of health issues yet always giving and lecturing about the salutary benefits of the SGI practice. He continues to smoke in private, skips meals, and is addicted to fast food and Pepsi. 

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