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Monday, April 15, 2019

From Soka Gakkai members, plenty of insults


If Mr. Daisaku Ikeda is really as bad as some contributors to a.r.b.n would have the world believe that, for me, proves at least one thing... if a cult at all, far from being a personality cult, SGI is, in fact, an anti-personality cult.

SGI is a strong, well organised, group of people actually bringing about world peace in spite of the variety of individuals that make it up.

How can that be? Only because SGI is an organisation of common mortals, ordinary human beings, united in love and faith in the Lotus Sutra.

The simple fact that an organisation such as SGI exists in our lifetime is a (rare) cause for joy. "This, my land, remains safe and unharmed,... My pure land is indestructible." --Lotus Sutra. Chapter 16.

Mark Herrick:

Your friend and fellow memba', Kathy - "Queen of Da Nile" - Ruby, would disagree with you here..... She claims that the Lotus Sutra has lost its power in the Latter Day. How come you guys can't seem to get your doctrine straight???? I mean you're so well organized and all....

AND....... If you are united in love and faith in the Lotus Sutra, you must now be a memba' of a Shakaymuni Cult too. After all, who preached the Lotus Sutra? Please don't tell us it was really Nichiren in disguise. You were all too quick to post a warning about us being members of a Shakaymuni cult.

AND...... If you are united in love and faith in the Lotus Sutra, how can you continue to advocate that Nichiren is the Eternal Buddha? I mean, where is it in the Lotus Sutra that Shakaymuni predicts that the Eternal Buddha is to appear in the Latter Age to spread the Dharma? Have you even ever read the ENTIRE Lotus Sutra?

SO THEREFORE...... if you claim to be united in love and faith with the Lotus Sutra, but fail to practice as it teaches then you are ONE BIG LIAR.

I am astounded by the self deception that the Gakkai is capable of, and the slander you stoop to in criticizing us who are trying to spread the orthodox Dharma. We rely on the Three Proofs that our founder and leader in Mappo, Nichiren Daishonin, taught us. Documentary, Theoretical and Actual. All our posts use the Three Proofs. None of the Gakkai's posts use the Three Proofs.

All we are asking is for you to supply proof of the Gakkai's doctrine using the Three Proofs. So far, in the last three years of this online debate the Gakkai has failed to do so. Oh, don't get me wrong, the Gakkai has responded, but with insults, abuse and slander... never with doctrinal proof. Kathy even claims to have beaten me in debate about the power of the Lotus Sutra. Of course she didn't beat me, all she did was change the subject and say that we taught that the Daimoku was not the primary practice, which is of course a complete lie and fabrication. We chant the Daimoku morning and night. Anyways, its all more lies and obfuscation to cover the truth. We supplied over one hundred quotes and excerpts from the Gosho where Nichiren stated unequivacably that it was the Lotus Sutra that we worship and saves us in Mappo. When Kathy had her back to the wall she saught to change the subject. Now you go and ADMIT the Gakkai is united in love and faith in the Lotus Sutra.

The Gakkai is a psuedo-religion based on the teachings of Makaguchi, Toda and Ikeda. There is little that the Gakkai actually has in common with Nichiren, except that they coopted his Daimoku and Gohonzon as a cloak for their real teachings. Makaguchi admitted that he never wanted to be a Nichiren Shoshu priest becasue then he would have to follow Nichiren Shoshu doctrine exactly without adding any of his own *personal* ideas, which we know is the entire theory of value creation. The Gakkai from its inception has been based on lies.

Go on Julian try and refute me using Sutra passage and Gosho passages. Try. I doubt you can. I do expect you to insult and abuse me. You have shown yourself perfectly capable of doing this in the past. Come on Julian, I dare you to try and debate me using scriptural proof. When you can't, and instead resort to insults then you will be exposed. The entire arbn will know then that you cannot refute the truth.

And Julian, please don't forget that it was Susan Starr who  started arbn. And just so you don't revise history, it was to provide a forum for doctrinal debate and discussion. So far we have seen little debate from any of the Gakkai, what we have seen is plenty of insults.

I am waiting Julian.
Namu Myoho Renge Kyo
Mark Herrick

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