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Sunday, April 7, 2019

Soka Gakkai icchantikas

"The Great Teacher Nan-yueh in his Shi Anrakugyo states, ‘If there should be a bodhisattva who protects evil persons and fails to chastise them... then when his life comes to an end, he will fall into hell along with those evil persons. '"The meaning of this passage is that, if a practitioner of Buddhism should fail to chastise evil persons who slander the Law but give himself up entirely to meditation and contemplation, not attempting to distinguish between correct or incorrect doctrines, provisional or true teachings, but rather pretending to be a model of compassion, then such a person will fall into the evil paths along with the other doers of evil. Now a person who fails to correct Shingon, Nembutsu, Zen and Ritsu adherents who are slanderers of the Law and instead pretends to be a model of compassion will meet just such a fate as this."

"And so to unbelieving persons, rouse them to accept this Law. By so doing, young men of good family, you will acquit your debt to the Tathagatas." Lotus Sutra, Chapter 27, page 440, translated by Kern

They are like the icchantikas who "do not hear, do not believe, and cannot discriminate." (Great Nirvana Sutra: T.12.724c7 = T. 12.481 b27-28)

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