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Friday, May 10, 2019

A passage from Nichiren Shoshu's self-serving fake Gosho, The Seven Articles on the Gohonzon

"The dharma realm is Nichiren and Nichiren is the Dharma realm. This position (of Nichiren) is Myo (mystic), the embodiment of the Lotus Flower of Soku Shin Jo Butsu (attaining enlightenment as you are), the unchanging immutable Original Buddha [hon-butsu] ...the meaning for each successive (high) priest to write 'Nichiren zai go han (when he transcribes the Gohonzon) is deep and profound. It means that each successive Shonin (sage=buddha, i.e., high priest) is of the (same) significance as Nichiren .... Signed Nichiren, Koan 5 (1282), Tenth Month, Tenth Day" Showa Shintei, page 2721-2722 

It is not in Nichiren's hand. It does not have Nichiren's signature nor does it have his seal. It goes against Nichiren's Five Major Writings and it goes against the entire body of his authenticated writings.

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