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Saturday, May 11, 2019

Absolutely no intermediary necessary

Daisaku Ikeda: "To achieve that elevated life condition, the individual requires a vehicle -- much like a rocket transports an astronaut into orbit -- propelled by our efforts to spread the Mystic Law. That rocket is the SGI... In this day and age, no one can attain Buddhahood without participating in SGI activities, he asserted." -- World Tribune, 1992
Art Doskow replies: Saying that the lifeblood of faith does not exist outside of SGI (as Mr. Ikeda has done), imho, is setting SGI up as a necessary intermediary between the individual and faith. I have a long long way to go in faith myself, but to suggest that membership, or even participation in the activities of an organization is a necessary prerequisite to correct practice is absurd at best. 

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  1. it was a lack of courage that kept reverend S from attaining enlightenment and overcome the fright in his slanderous heart. too bad.