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Friday, May 10, 2019

Mark Herrick bests an SGI member in debate

SGI member: "That is, all of you who spread negativity here are NOT immune to cause and effect. In focusing all of your energy toward attempting to make the SGI look bad, you are not only displaying your own desperation and insecurity, but you are digging your own graves.

None of us here needs to spend the time "debating" with you; your life conditions speak for itself, and you will be your own downfall.

Mark Herrick Responds: 1. Nichiren said some very negative things about other people's practice and faith, making them look bad, attacking their heretical the Rissho Ankoku Ron for example. Was Nichiren displaying his "own desperation and insecurity" or "digging his own grave?"

2. Nichiren took the time to debate and answer the questions of a LOT of people who sought answers from him, what do you think most of the Gosho letters are all about? Read all of the "Q & A" Goshos for many examples, and be grateful he took such time and care in "debating."

3. Nichiren had an extremely harsh life-condition, he admits that in his writings. He was persecuted, was virtually homeless, was exiled, was beaten and abused, and was almost be-headed! Does his life condition "speak for itself?" the "Ho'on Sho" contains several examples of Nichiren's "life condition".

So, Nichiren was obviously not immune to cause and effect. Based on your above assertions, Nichiren was his "own downfall." do you really mean to slander Nichiren in this way?

SGI member: The only place you have a voice is in this newsgroup, which explains a lot. Nobody knows who you are because you hide away and refuse to associate with anyone who is not in your fold and don't contribute anything positive to society. When you finally are given a voice in a place like this, you blow it by displaying your low life conditions! 

Mark Herrick: This is amazing, that you are so psychically gifted to know our lives so well! You cannot possibly know the life-conditions of a votary of the LS, unless you yourself are a votary. You have no idea of who any of us associate with, how we practice, or what we contribute to society. I could understand if you had actually asked us about our lives, but you are making pure assumptions here. When you ASSUME......well, you know how that goes.

If we follow the logic of your words, Nichiren really "blew it" by displaying his "low life condition," didn't he? He admitted to slandering the Law of the Lotus Sutra in previous lives. Why he even stated that he must have murdered practitioners of the Lotus Sutra in a previous life!

SGI member: Anyway, all that said, I don't see much point in "debating" with anyone here, in case anybody is wondering what the heck happened to me. 

Mark Herrick: I'm very grateful that Nichiren, when faced with the hordes of heretics and slanderers during his life, didn't say "I don't see much point in 'debating' with anyone here." If he had, we would not have this Buddhism to practice!! Nichiren had the courage to take on the Emperor, the lords, the landholders, the priests of other temples, anyone who opposed him... We would do well to humble ourselves and follow as closely in his footsteps as we can.

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