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Friday, May 10, 2019

Nichiren accorded Shakyamuni Buddha special reverence

One of the Three Bodies of the Buddha is a personification. We are all personifications of the Mystic Law but special reverence was accorded Shakyamuni Buddha by Nichiren. To such an extent did Nichiren accord Shakyamuni Buddha special reverence that he embodied the Eternal Shakyamuni Buddha's life and land in the Object of Worship. Humility is a part of Buddhism but you and Ikeda have forgotten this. I remember well the SGI videos, "I am Myoho renge kyo". You are Myoho renge kyo but you would deny the teacher of Myoho renge kyo, Shakyamuni Buddha, his rightful place. Ikeda is a hypocrite and more lacking of gratitude than the roe deer. 

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