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Saturday, May 11, 2019

Nichiren Shoshu's support of the Japanese militarists

The Shizuoka Shimbun dated February 1, 1944

Opening 15 lodges for youth fighters (the youth military tank school) Taisekiji Temple advances to join the war 

[Fujinomiya Branch Office] 

In Taisekiji Temple, the head temple of Nichiren Shoshu, Uenomura, Fujigun, they powerfully strive to increase saving financial resources, and unsparingly gave the copper from the roofs of the hall and the mountain gate, which will be replaced with tiles. In this way, they progress the war step by step. They will also provide 15 lodges in the temple as rest places on Sundays and holidays to the students of the youth military school who are being trained in unchallengeable fighting techniques with indomitable fighting spirit. They have also opened their facilities in Shizuoka prefecture since last year. A part of the facilities is now used as a prefectural working training school in which 200 persons are trained monthly, and Industrial fighters imbued with the Fuji spirit have been already sent to factories. They have had real achievements at each work place. Since the temple offered the 600 year-old giant trees for use as timbers, the priests of each lodge gladly agreed on this plan to provide a facility for the young fighters, and prepared various amusements such as Go and Shogi for relaxation. 

A priest of the temple side said, "Although we have opened our facility as rest places for the students informally and individually since last year, it has now been formalized and our facilities can be used with a homely atmosphere. We will improve the facilities as healthy rest places. I hope that they can relax in our facilities."

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