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Friday, May 10, 2019

Nichiren's relics

The Nichiren Shoshu claims to have Nichiren Daishonin's bones yet the Nichiren Shu sells admission to their ossuary [columbarium] on Minobu that they claim contains Nichiren Daishonin's bones.* Were the latter true, that means the Nichiren Shu low lives dug up Nichiren Shonin's bones in order to sell admission tickets. Were the former true, the Nichiren Shoshu low lives dug up Nichiren's bones to bring them back to Taisekeji to prove their orthodoxy.  Either way, someone is lying and both are degenerates.

* Note...They both claim "bones", not ashes. Were their claims "ashes", it would be more probable that there was a distribution of relics because ash relics in Buddhism are sometimes distributed among the various heirs but it would disprove the Nichiren Shoshu fake transfer documents. It is implausible that his bony relics were distributed since Nichiren stated that his remains are to be buried at Minobu

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