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Saturday, May 11, 2019

SGI interfaith fails to uphold the golden words of Nichiren

"The Opening of the Eyes" (Kaimoku Sho) states: 

"To befriend another without showing them mercy (strictness) is to actually bear them malice. To remove evil for another makes one their parent. Those who thoroughly rebuke others are my disciples. Those who will not oust offenders are resentful of Buddhism." (Shinpen, p. 577; For reference see: M.W., Vol. 2, p. 211)

Buddhahood Through the Lotus Sutra (Hokke Shoshin Jobutsu Sho) states: 

"One should by all means insist on preaching the Lotus Sutra and causing others to hear it. Those who believe in it will become Buddhas. Those who slander it will form a "poison drum" relationship with it and will become Buddhas. In any event, the seed of Buddhahood lies nowhere apart from the Lotus Sutra. (Shinpen, p. 1316; For reference see: M.W., Vol. 6, p. 197)

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