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Friday, May 10, 2019

Shallow Soka Gakkai leader attempts to make himself seem profound

Soren replies to Nikkyo and makes numerous errors regarding the faith and practice of Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism. In this reply I will attempt (utilizing the three proofs, the Gosho, and the Lotus Sutra) to demonstrate that Soren and ultimately SGI is mistaken and they lead their members to unfulfilled existences in this life and misfortunate births in the next. At the same time I will attempt to clearly demonstrate that a correct faith and practice of Nichiren Lotus Sutra Buddhism will lead to a happy and joyful existence in this life and a fortunate birth in the next.

Soren states: 

> I am well aware of this aspect of reality. I have been able to have
>great conversations with people, particularly Catholics, who have
>shown me that it is not really possible to say that "other religions
>do not offer their followers 'the experience of perceived actual
>proof' at all." In a word, i've moved way WAY beyond that. This is
>in fact one of the reasons I 'believe' that the 'faith' i embrace is
>the 'true teaching.' I consider the way in which the practice with the

To demonstrate that he has gone "way beyond" a superficial understanding of actual proof Soren then states:

>I consider the way in which the practice with the SGI 
>has lead me from from realization to realization, deepening
>understanding over time, a very convincing instance of genuine and
>valuable 'actual proof.'

"Realization to realization, deepening understanding" to show that this is indeed "moving WAY beyond that". 

Question: realization of whom or what, deepening understanding of whom or what? In order to have realization and understanding one requires a correct viewpoint, a correct faith and practice. If one has neither a correct viewpoint, faith, nor practice, how can one realize the Way and enable others to do the same? The Daishonin states in the Senji Sho (Selection of the Time):

"Concerning the appearance from the great earth of Bodhisattva Visistacaritra (Jogyo), Bodhisattva Maitreya, Bodhisattva Manjusri, Bodhisattva Avolokitesvara, Bodhisattva Bhaisajyaraja, who have terminated the ignorance of the forty-first state, they are called ignorant since they have not terminated the fundamental ignorance and did not know that Bodhisattva Visistacaritra was called first in order to spread the "Homage to the Lotus Sutra of the Wonderful Law" which is the essence of the Chapter in the Lotus Sutra on the "Revelation of the Tathagata" in the Age of the Last Law."(Senji Sho, NOPPA pg.114-115).

Since Soren and the SGI confuse The Eternal Buddha with Bodhisattva Jogyo, they are no better than the ignorant provisional Bodhisattvas cited by Nichiren. We, the disciples and believers of Nichiren, are cognizant of the truth of the matter and can, in no way, be considered ignorant. On the contrary, we are worthy of being known as leaders of all mankind because we correctly transmit the perfect teachings.

Soren's discourse on the etymology of the word religion <snipped>. He goes on to say:

>This may well be so, although i don't know why one necessarily has to
>get involved in that stuff in the course of seeking for "Nichiren's
>Mind of Faith." I find the Daishonin's mind of faith in the Gosho;
>the experience of reading the Gosho and perceiving the Daishonin's
>Mind therein is also very deep and powerful for me.
>In the course of doing so, i have been convinced again that the
>Daishonin is the True Buddha as 'believed' by the SGI. It is more
>than clear to me that the identity of the "Tathagata" is a matter so
>profound that it defies the little quibbles and theories that pass
>for discussion in our newsgroup. At the VERY least, let me say that I
>cannot even conceive of some way in which it could be considered
>'slanderous' to revere Nichiren as the 'True Buddha.'

You cannot conceive of this because you are as ignorant as the provisional Bodhisattvas cited by Nichiren.

Soren continues:

>Reading the Gosho the way that you do is an example of
>tremendous error as far as i see it. It's clear that it is done
>without the slightest sense of understanding of metaphor, subtlety,
>simile or the like. The problem is aggravated by the fact that they
>are reading translations, no doubt. But even were we all to be able
>to read the original Japanese, it seems there would still be this
>problem. The problem is looking for literalness in everything.
>Japanese don't think that way; look at a typical Japanese poem in
>which so much is left unsaid or alluded to with the slightest, most
>subtle and indirect reference.

Nichiren Daishonin was hardly a "typical Japanese". He was more concise than Tientai who elucidated the doctrine of Ichinen Sanzen. How many times did Nichiren state: "this is perfectly clear" or "only a fool could fail to comprehend." The teachings of Zen, on the other hand leaves things unsaid. The teachings of zen "allude to". The teachings of the Eternal Shakyamuni Buddha and Nichiren are as clear and bright as a mountain stream.

Soren admits he is not really interested in the teachings, only benefits:

>I may become interested in those questions someday. In the meantime,
>i am much more interested in producing the benefits of faith and in
>practicing correctly. One does so not only for one's own sake, but
>also for the sake of many other people. My friends, relatives and
>other people in my environment are deeply affected by my practice;
>their lives are reshaped from within by the power i put into motion
>when i practice, and their experiences and growth are directly
>connected to my life. At the same time my little ego isn't
>'responsible' for all that in any sense (it would be ridiculous to
>think so; it is an error that some who pray for others in other
>religions might make but not me!). We're dealing with something that
>is beyond words here, and all the words about it in a.r.b.n. demean
>and cheapen it.

The frank and sagacious words spoken on a.r.b.n. by the Eternal Shakyamuni, Nichiren Daishonin, and others are to help you and others practice as Nichiren taught so that you can begin to experience the benefits of a correct faith and to lead others to the same.

>Documentation that is offered to me by people who behave the way 
>you do is of no interest to me, in any case. Why should i have ANY
>confidence at all that this 'documentation' is genuine, that it's
>source is truthful and undistorted? These things were argued about
>centuries ago in bitter disputes among those that may have staked
>everything, or seemed to, on being Nichiren's disciples and their
>successors. I have no illusions about the 'ethics' or condition of
>Japanese society in those days. it was for centuries a society of
>absolutist rule by despots, social inequities that never relented, as
>close to soviet-style unfreedom as we can imagine. A rigid caste
>system. Corruption at all levels. Why should i believe some religious
>documents that came out of that history, especially those from sects
>that bear ancient enmity towards Taiseki-ji?

We have committed no fault here. We simply speak in order to lead others to happiness. Your malicious and unfounded statements regarding our behavior will return to you, the perpetrator of these falsehoods. In addition, since your perception of the "great matters" are distorted, how can your perception of any lesser matters be true? Your reasoning and conclusions about the history of the Nichiren movement in Japan and the enmity of the 35 or so other sects towards the Taisekeji sects is incorrect. There is enmity toward the Taisekeji sect because of their bastardization of Nichiren's teachings, their lies, and their forgeries. All the sects adhere to the same Three Jewels except Taisekeji. All the sects worship the entire body of Nichiren's Gohonzon without distinction except the Taisekeji sect that advocates, "abandon and discard" these treasures thus leading the people into darkness and despair. There has been a rather startling conformity of doctrine among the other 35 sects demonstrating that the Gosho is not prone to misinterpretation, contrary to your empty assertions. Only Taisekeji misinterprets and mistranslates the Gosho. Still, how much more difficult to practice as Nichiren teaches?

>However, interestingly, you haven't mentioned Theoretical proof. It
>has been my experience that the SGI (please, NOT NST) has been in the
>forefront of providing and demonstrating Theoretical Proof of this
>Buddhism. The SGI 'interpretations' {Makiguchi/Toda/Ikeda} of
>Nichiren's Buddhism seem to me to have anticipated and strengthened
>many of the most important social trends and advancements in this
>century. I think Makiguchi's 'Theory of Value' is magnificent, and in
>no way in contradiction or conflict with the Daishonin's Buddhism. In
>addition the social ideas embraced by a large majority of SGI members
>seem to me to be correct, humanistic and 'enlightened.'
>The lack of this sort of 'demonstrated Theoretical proof' on the part
>of other old religions like Christianity is a large contributing
>factor in those religions' decline. To say that this sort of issue
>has no role in evaluating Proofs is simply foolish, and outsiders find
>it completely unconvincing.

Indeed, the issue of Theoretical Proof is very important. There are two basic ways to demonstrate theoretical proof: The first is zuitai, or preachings in accordance with the minds of others; the second is zuijii which are preachings according to the mind of the Buddha. If one puts faith in the teachings (theory) of zuitaii, one will never be able to attain Buddhaood. The Lotus Sutra is the zuijii teachings and the mind of the Buddha. It's theoretical proof (Ichinen Sanzen) is incontrovertible and faith in them will without fail lead to Buddhahood.

The theoretical teachings of the SGI are zuitai teachings because of the lack of emphasis they place on the Lotus Sutra. The theoretical teachings of Nichiren that place strong emphasis on the Lotus Sutra are zuijii teachings that never fail to lead to Buddhaood. The Parable of the Poor Son is an example. This parable is perfectly clear. The wealthy father is the Eternal Buddha Shakyamuni and we are his son. The father never forgets his son although we forget our father. With patience and perseverance, our father, the Eternal Shakyamuni, guides us to the truth. We will come to recognize him as our father and will obtain that which we least expect.

>There have been several really good experiences posted by SGI members
>over the past several months, and i haven't even seen ALL the
>messages that have been on the group. You've got part of MY
>experience right here; what i have realized and seen as a result of
>my practice with the SGI. Others have posted great stuff, and I think
>that it goes pretty much unrecognized by you. That attitude is one of
>the ways that I can tell that whatever you teach and study about
>historical issues in Nichiren's Buddhism, doctrine, etc., isn't
>bringing anyone closer to enlightenment. Perhaps in some indirect way
>of course, someday. This stuff which you so concerned with is dead to
>me. It reeks of death. I cannot really state it any more clearly
>than that. It is my 'religious intuition.'

Since the many "good experiences" posted by SGI members are not based on the teachings of the Eternal Buddha and Nichiren, they are no different than Christian or Islamic testimonials and therefore, we do not recognize them as anything special. That my discourse [which is ultimately Nichiren's discourse] is dead to you, is an example of your distorted religious intuition (perception). It is tantamount to slander. You clearly demonstrate that SGI destroys Buddha seeds which we cultivate for posterity.

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