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Sunday, May 5, 2019

Soka Gakkai May Contribution Campaign

SGI's May Contribution Campaign is well under way. We can all be relieved that there will be no bake sales, garage sales, or other fund raising activities to line the pockets of the greedy Japanese destroyers of the True Dharma. However, they are gearing up the machine, the district leaders and above, to make a push to accumulate ever more donations, more than all previous years. Hell, they have to increase the mid six figure salaries of their leech Vice Presidents and General Directors to keep up with the cost of living.

What can we do? The SGI is the second richest religious multinational corporation on earth, second only to the Catholic church and, for all intents and purposes, are a nation run by disingenuous and cunning Japanese despots. Take a step back for a moment. Machiavelli himself could not form such rancid thoughts and actions as the President and leaders of Soka to take over their parent sect Taisekaji. Even though the Taisekaji priests were hardly good parents, they didn’t beat and torture their “children”. Their children hatched a plot to take over their parents fiefs and treasures. Not unlike a child who kills his parents for their insurance money, these dastardly men of Soka attempted to kill their parents until the plots were discovered and the children were turned out. I ask you, who could ever trust such children and who would support them [besides the penal system]? Yet they ask their sincere members to support them, to send them their hard earned money so they can nourish their fat bodies, formulate even greater machinations in their twisted corrupted minds, and enact even greater acts against those whose treasures they covet.


“I have chosen not to participate in the special zaimu campaign for the 2nd year in a row. I have been able to maintain the same job for over one year now and even got a raise. My industry is quite challenged, so I am happy with this outcome. And aside from finances, my health has been pretty good and things are going well for the family.

I know of 3 experiences so far (in my small circle) of negative effects to those that are putting their all into trying to collect donations and to give all their extra cash as a donation. From car accidents to loss of job, and another one that simply is okay with his status of always being broke. Through chanting he realized it was okay and lessened his suffering, I guess. Doesn’t sound like gaining much fortune to me and it is no fun to always be broke. But I guess he will pretend it is okay so that he feels he got a benefit somehow.

Another friend asked the interesting question: what does the SGI do for the members? They take and take constantly; take members time, take members money. But what do they give back? They don’t have any qualms about taking from people that are already struggling financially. It’s okay to still take their money. Cruel . . . . . is the only word that comes to mind.” — SGI Member on the Rick Ross Cult Education Forum

"1. May contribution month is coming up soon. I personally contribute every year and don't give a hoot about how much SGI makes. BUT, it makes SGI look very BAD that they will not disclose their intake and expenditures IN DETAIL the way that any ethical religious organization in the US does. It really does make us look bad-no joke! This has been discussed before here at length. People have written to leaders at SGI Plaza giving them well thought out theses on why this disclosure is important to the health and growth of SGI. No change in policy." -- CMC

"CMC, I am thinking about just this thing myself and I know other religiousorgs that are tax exempt keep track of every cent and give out the reports to the members. Traditionally, I have given a lot of money to the SGI every year, but certain things have happened in my area that have given me pause about doing this, though I still count myself a loyal member and it is my tradition. I cannot, of course, tell you what to do, but what I am going to do about this year's campaign is to chant for wisdom directly (I already did this) about how much money I want to give them and I am going to write a memo to enclose with that or send to the Area/Zone leaders about my feelings about financial disclosure, but that I derive benefit from the SGI and I do want to support it, though I have concerns. That is what I am going to do about it. I may remind them how much I have given them in the past yearly, if they didn't know. What if every one of us that have concerns about this did this? I may tell them that if they do not find it worthwhile to answer my concerns that I will take that into account regarding my future contributions. As I said, I am chanting for wisdom about this, but this year, I am going to write my immediate area/zone folks about it. You can imagine what I would do next year if they do not respond. Maybe they don't need my wholehearted contribution

Please do not support the SGI May Contribution Campaign with even a dime of your money or allow the top leaders to cajole you into using your powers of persuasion to solicit donations from your members. Please, my comrades of the other Nichiren sects and independents, let us use our Buddha voice to educate the members and leaders of the Soka Gakkai, to the true nature of their own leaders. Reginald Carpenter has presented Reverend Kando Tono’s [Shoshinkai's] forty part expose of the machinations and treacherous actions of the President of the Soka Gakkai and his underlings, towards their parents, the Nichiren Shoshu. Please read it so you can better communicate to the members of the Soka Gakkai, the slander of offering donations to these evil men.

On Alt.Zen, one SGI member, “Julian Semian”, accuses us of burying foxes and worshiping them until they die. Fact is, we bury SGI high salaried senior leaders head first and watch the lower level non-salaried leaders kiss their bums. Laughing so hard, we reach Enlightenment. They put on such a good show, we almost want to donate a few bucks during the SGI May Contribution Campaign. Sick thing about SGI, they would accept our donations.

If they were to offer us one hundred million dollars to exchange our Gohonzons for the Transmission of the Dharma for their Nichikan No-Honzons, not only would we not accept, we would have a good chuckle before we told them they were already in hell.

How much are you paid? We gladly do the Buddha’s work for free. I continue to practice as a physician so I can continue to spread the Daishonin's teachings and would never think of asking for even a nickle from anyone. We, unlike the SGI, uphold the principles of the Lotus Sutra, Shakyamuni Buddha and Nichiren Daishonin.

The combined leaders’ salaries in the Soka Gakkai are in the tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars while the sincere members do the grunt work FOR NOTHING, not minimum wage, not even meals and expenses [unless you consider baloney and mayo sandwiches fed to the hard working Bodhisattva worker ants as meals].

Yet, they want you to give more to the SGI hundred billion dollar cult. Sell your car if you have too. Late for the rent, go for it. “Doubt consumed me every day but I knew I had to [give] for my two girls.” “An investment for World Peace.” (and the hundreds of high salaried SGI leaders).

Save your money. They are extending May Contribution Campaign from January to November, they just don’t call it May Contribution Campaign [which technically extends from April to July]. 

The SGI vice presidents need their new additions to their houses, new Infinities, new wardrobes, makeovers for their wives, and presents for the kids. You wouldn’t want to deny them their exorbitant salaries for spreading the Dharma that you do for free. Run along, tighten your belts, and set aside your money for your bishops and cardinals…I mean leaders whose rings…I mean bums, you kiss every day. Shame on them and shame on you for being so stupid. Thanks to the internet in 1995, I came to learn about the lies of the Fuji sect, the Nichiren as True Buddha doctrine, the faked Daigohonzon and the false heritage of the high Priests and Presidents. If they can lie about such fundamentals of the lotus Sutra and Nichiren Daishonin’s teachings, they can lie about anything, especially where YOUR money goes.

Those who write books on the Dharma for profit, those who publish dharma magazines and newspapers for profit, those who set up secular businesses and encourage their flock to utilize their products and services, those preachers, whether layman or priest, who garner exorbitant salaries thanks to the dharma, are worse than the Wall Street profiteers. They are leeches who suck the blood of the dharma. They should be put in prison or brought to Venice beach. At the very least we can withhold Buddhist alms and refrain from working for them [for free]. In the Kempon Hokke, the true Kempon Hokke, you work for the sake of the dharma and for your own sake. Neither I nor Rev. Nikke (Marcheso), nor anyone will profit one red cent from your work to spread the Lotus Sutra and the teachings of Nichiren Daishonin. You can bet your life on this and you can take it [YOUR money] to the bank. The Soka gakkai is an amoral organization and that is why so many of their senior leaders are embroiled in scandal and controversy.

Lastly, a satire:

Danny Nagashma (He shouts alot): HOW ARE YOU!!!

Member: I’m doing great. I’m practicing hard, doing Gongyo twice a day and chanting an hour of Daimoku. With the recession and all, I’m working two jobs and we’re expecting our third child.
Danny: “CONGRATULATIONS! You can change your financial misfortune into fortune. This is the perfect time. Our May contribution campaign (which had started April 15th) is in full swing. I know if you make a generous offering you will change poison into medicine.”
Member: “Really? I was reading the Lotus Sutra…”
Danny: “You were?’
Member: “In Chapter 17, I think, it says that one moment of faith in the Lifespan of the Buddha, is ten trillion billion times more valuable than offering the Buddha all the treasures in the entire universe for immeasurable kalpas.
Danny: “You know that the Lotus Sutra is wonderful but it has lost its power in this age. Nichiren and Sensei say so, so you can believe what I tell you. You should read the New Human Revolution when Ms. Nakayama was going through some hard times just like you. There was a special Kosen Rufu contribution for world peace and she sold her car and presented the money to Sensei. Now she has a new car and a house too. The little noodle shop she opened is busy all the time.”
Member: “Really. I just can’t get it out of my mind that I am already changing my fortune. I feel really good but times are tight.”
Danny: “Do you want to continue to work two jobs just to make ends meet? Did you read the World Tribune Special Edition, Open the Path for the Future? If you want to create your own grand vision, despite the rough times. From the standpoint of Buddhism, these struggles give us the opportunity to create a new vision for our movement and ourselves. We could even say that now is a crucial turning point for us to progress to the next level of fortune. You don’t seem happy. You can refresh your practice through this contribution campaign.
Member: “I am happy what ever gave you the idea that I wasn’t happy.”
Danny: You wouldn’t be complaining how tough the times are if you were happy. Something is missing in your faith. I think your reluctance to contribute to our special May Commemorative shows clearly that you are still not ready to commit yourself fully to Kosen Rufu. It’s so easy now, you can donate by cash, check, use your credit card, or even make a small bank transfer. You want the new baby to be born into favorable circumstances, DON’T YOU?”
Member: “I propagate the Daimoku of the Lotus Sutra. How can my baby be born into anything less than favorable circumstances?”
Danny: “The Way to propagate the Daimoku is only through the SGI and our activities. You must reflect on your faith and look at the TREMENDOUS benefits of those who have contributed to our May contribution.”
Member: “Like Gino who lost his apartment because he contributed his rent money?”
Danny: I don’t know Gino but he couldn’t have selflessly dedicate himself to Kosen Rufu with the spirit of not begrudging one’s life for our TREMENDOUS organization. This too is found in the Lotus Sutra.
Member: “He never missed a meeting in three Years and chants two hours of Daimoku a day. I thought Sensei said, Buddhism was common sense.”
Danny: I have to go right now but think over what I told you today.

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