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Sunday, July 14, 2019

How to pronounce the Daimoku of the Lotus Sutra Mantra

I = beats

    I   I    I    I     I    I     I                  I     I    I    I    I     I 
Namu Myoho renge kyo or Namu Myoho renge kyo

Na Mu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo [Na Moo Meo Ho Wren Gay Keyo]


Namu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo [Namoo Meo Ho Wren Gay Keyo]

"Soka Gakkai Buddha"???

Actually, the selected passage refers to Nichiren Daishonin specifically and to us generally."

"Soka Gakkai Buddha"... conflates two of the Three Treasures [the Treasure of the Buddha and the Treasure of the Sangha]. Nowhere in the Lotus Sutra nor in the writings of Nichiren can we find the principle of Sangha-Buddha just as nowhere in the teachings is there the SGI concept of Bodhisattva-Buddha.

Ikeda is obsessed with acquiring the "32 features" but that is not appropriate for anyone else. Hypocrite!

"Namu Myoho renge kyo is the name of the Buddha of absolute freedom from time without beginning", here SGI conflates the Buddha with his teaching or Law. Nichiren has this to say about such men:

"The seventh volume of On 'Great Concentration and Insight' states: ‘Priests who concentrate on the written word’ refers to men who gain no inner insight or understanding through meditation, but concern themselves only with characteristics of the doctrine. ‘Zen masters who concentrate on practice’ refers to men who do not learn how to attain the truth and the corresponding wisdom, but fix their minds on the mere techniques of breath control. Theirs is the kind of [non-Buddhist] meditation that fundamentally still retains outflows. ‘Some Zen masters give all their attention to meditation alone’ means that, for the sake of discussion, T’ien-t’ai gives them a certain degree of recognition, but from a stricter viewpoint they lack both insight and understanding. The Zen men in the world today value only meditation [as the way to realize the truth] and have no familiarity with doctrinal teachings. In relying upon meditation alone, they interpret the sutras in their own way. They put together the eight errors and the eight winds, and talk about the Buddha as being sixteen feet in height. They lump together the five components and the three poisons, and call them the eight errors. They equate the six sense organs with the six transcendental powers, and the four elements with the four noble truths. To interpret the sutras in such an arbitrary manner is to be guilty of the greatest falsehood. Such nonsense is not even worth discussing.”

SGI is not protecting the teachings. They are merely protecting the Devedatta of the modern age, Daisaku Ikeda.

Nichiren Shoshu's use of "Teachings Hidden in the Depths" [Montei] is false and self serving.

Nichiren Shoshu has changed the principle of Hidden in the Depths [Montei] in order to change Nichiren's doctrines of Buddha and Transmission. According to Nichiren, the Three Great Secret Laws are "hidden" in the Lotus Sutra but thanks to Nichiren, according to Nichiren himself, "Now everything has been revealed." The Nichiren Shoshu have extrapolated Montei to mean the teachings hidden in the depths of Nichiren's writings. Their use of "Teachings Hidden in the Depths" is false and self serving.

Giving guidance and rallying the troops around Sensei is hardly a CEO requirement.

Shakyamuni and Nichiren lived in humble simplicity their entire lives and the wealthy man Sudatta and Shijo Kingo never took even fifty yen in donations. The SGI top leaders' salaries are disgraceful and offensive for religious leaders supposedly dedicated to the Great Law. 

I also maintain that, in the true secular sector (versus the phony baloney pseudo-lay Soka Gakkai), these men would demonstrate no marketable skills.

Response to a high salaried SGI leader: "Get a job and get a life".

"So much anger. I get paid quite well actually. And I am proud of it. I hope you will take the time to read the goshos instead of slandering everyone you come across. I see that Mr. Rogowdoc has you as his spoke person. And who are you anyway. Find Nichiren's real teachings and get free from your anger."-- Deano 

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More options Nov 20 1998, 2:00 am 

It was only a matter of time before the pure water of the Law would flush out a slanderer from his burrow.

>>>>>So much anger>>>>> 

Compared to the anger you will encounter from Lord Emma, the demons of hell, and the guardians of Buddhism, my anger is slight. 

>>>>>I get paid quite well actually.>>>>> 

I'm sure you do. More in one day "for spreading the teachings" than Nichiren Daishonin received in an entire lifetime. 

>>>>>"And I am proud of it.">>>> 

Get a job and get a life. 

>>>> I hope you will take the time to read the goshos instead of slandering everyone you come across. >>>>> 

Pointing out the truth is slander to SGI leaders. 

>>>>>I see that Mr. Rogowdoc has you as his spoke person.>>>>> 

LOL. Most distance themselves from me but yes, every once and a while, someone awakens to the truth. If not, I don't know how much longer I would continue to post. 

>>>>> And who are you anyway. Find Nichiren's real teachings and get free from your anger.>>>>> 

I don't know who you are addressing but only an insane person can not see the problem with exorbitant salaries for SGI top leaders. 

A chat with Doctor professor of Buddhism Richard Hayes

Dr Richard Hayes is a Professor of Buddhism at McGill University, expert on the Pali Canon, former Theravadan Buddhist, and currently a Quaker. Dr. Mark Rogow is a layman of the Hokke [Lotus] sect.

Richard: Doctor Rogow writes: "But Dr. Hayes repeatedly disparages the Lotus Sutra."

I doubt that anyone but you cares what Dr Hayes thinks about the Lotus Sutra, Mark. But, as long as you are saying what other people think, there is no harm in being accurate in what you report. First, I do not disparage the Lotus Sutra itself. What I disparage is your interpretation of it. You have taken a beautiful text, full of subtle poetry, and turned it into an ugly travesty by which you go around passing negative judgement on every other Buddhist in the world, except for Nichiren (whom you don't really understand, except that you have a shadowy affinity with him because he apparently shared the same psychotic character disorder that obviously afflicts you). It is what you do with the text that appals me, sir, not the text itself.

Give it a rest, eh? Take a holiday from your obsessions. You might enjoy the break. 

Dr Hayes
Mark: Richard, you are breaking another of your precious precepts (not to lie).  Fortunately, we have Deja News in which to prove my assertions that you have both disparaged the Lotus Sutra and you are a liar. If you press the issue, I will  do a meticulous search and post every last post of yours to prove my point. If you apologize to the Buddha and the Lotus Sutra you will surely spare yourself  some future grief. 
Richard: The point I have made a few times is that the Lotus is so subtle and symbolic and playful and satirical that it is very difficult to grasp its meaning without first knowing a great deal about the dharma.
Mark: Then you should refrain from commenting on its meaning and you should praise it as have all Buddhas throughout space and time.
Richard: But then if one knows the dharma from other sources, then one doesn't really need the Lotus Sutra, since it has very little of value to add.
Mark: Some proof please? Can you please cite the teachings of Ichinen Sanzen and the Mutual Possession of the Ten Worlds anywhere save for the Lotus Sutra? Can you cite the prediction of Buddhahood for all beings without a single exception anywhere save for the Lotus Sutra? Can you cite the Eternal Life of the Tathagata anywhere save for the Lotus Sutra?
Richard: Because I say things like this, Mark Rogow says that I revile the Lotus Sutra.
Mark: Richard, whatever happened to Right Views and Right Memory? Advocating that we do not need the Lotus Sutra is to not revile it? Telling one's mother we do not need her is not to revile her?
Richard: And of course, following the peculiar logic of the Lotus Sutra itself, Mark is convinced that anyone who reviles the Lotus Sutra also reviles the Buddha and the Dharma.
Mark: Can we believe one who praises his good father while failing to praise his good mother? Can we believe that one heeds a good mother's instructions while reviling her? Scholarly understanding is not a necessary and sufficient condition for the aim of any Buddhist study, which is liberation.
Richard: I quite agree. Scholarly knowledge is not necessary, nor is it automatically sufficient for everyone. If one is really determined to be liberated, then that motivation can be used with any method to make one free.
Mark: Any Method? Even the historical Buddha taught only one method...The Eightfold Path.
Richard: The Buddha himself said that one can be liberated though intellectual work,
Mark: The Buddha's statement should not be taken out of the context of the entire canon. There are intellectuals working on better more efficient cruise missiles.
Richard: or through devotion to the Buddha
Mark: The Lotus Sutra is the mother of all Buddhas.
Richard: or through meditational practice, or through a combination of all three.
Mark: Some people meditate on how to make more money, attract more women, or on the Jesus Prayer. This is hardly what the Buddha had in mind. And if you think that by counting breaths alone, you can experience or attain Supreme Enlightenment, equal to that of the Buddha, you misunderstand the teachings. Yet, surely, one will achieve liberation by devoted practice and study of the Lotus Sutra alone given enough faith, even with only a superficial understanding of the context.
Richard: Right. I think this is much more likely to occur if one focuses on the positive messages of the Lotus Sutra.
Mark: The Lotus Sutra is stark naked reality. It is not a pie in the sky philosophy detatched from this world or a Pure Land beyond one's present situation.  Punch a rock and you break your hand; deprecate a handsome person and you will be born ugly; rob a child of its food and one will suffer from hunger. Revile the Lotus Sutra and you become an anencephalic fetus in lifetime after lifetime for kalpas on end or suffer the worst afflictions imaginable, over and over and over, until one has expiated one's sin. Conversely, one who praises the Sutra will quickly attain Buddhood.
Richard: Unfortunately, some people just pick up on the negative tone of some parts of the Sutra, and they spend most of their time condemning other people, calling them dangerous, and saying they are leading billions of others to hell.
Mark: Only a fool would praise one who kills his mother.
Richard: People who are devoid of imagination and incapable of symbolic subtlety are likely to get dragged down into a kind of Lotus Sutra fundamentalism.
Mark: Those who are squinty eyed, bleary eyed, or blind can see little or nothing at all.
Richard: Their ranting then gives the entire sutra a bad reputation among other Buddhists.
Mark: Those who revile the Lotus Sutra are better off than those who have never heard the Sutra because they form a relationship to the Sutra. Those who form a relationship to the Sutra, whether that relationship is positive or negative come to understand the karmic Law of cause and effect.
Richard: I would add to that the importance of living according to the precepts. On a news group, people should give special attention to the four speech precepts: avoiding lying,
Mark: You are turning over a new leaf? Good for you Richard.
Richard: avoiding harsh and divisive speech, avoiding slanderous and libellous speech,
Mark: Then I can count on you to never once again deprecate the Lotus Sutra or its votaries?
Richard: and avoiding idle and pointless speech. (I keep thinking there ought to be a fifth speech precept encouraging being playful as much as possible so that you don't take yourself too damn seriously.
Mark: Isn't there a precept against jocularity Richard? Uhhoh, I caught you breaking the precepts again and in this, the Fearful Age! Thankfully, there are no longer any precepts Richard to be followed except one: Revere the Lotus Sutra and chant Namu Myoho renge kyo.
Richard: I'm sure if the Buddha had had eleven fingers instead of the usual ten, he would have had eleven precepts, making room for this important fifth one that I hanker to add.)
Mark: Richard, you really must go over the 500 precepts for monks. Are you not an extremely evil man for altering the teachings of the Buddha? If even a learned and wise man as yourself can not uphold the precepts, of what use are they for ignorant worldlings such as ourselves?
Richard: By the way, I don't expect that anybody but me reads everything that I write
Mark: I read much of what you write. You are a prolific writer. Why don't you determine to use your talents to praise the Lotus Sutra and bring benefit to the people?
Richard: and pays attention to the flak that I get from various quarters.
Mark: I only fault you for one thing Richard.
Richard: So probably nobody has noticed that Mark Rogow accuses me of hating the Dharma,
Mark: No Richard, I accuse you of praising the dharma but destroying its intent
Richard: Mark Vetanen accuses me of belonging to a dangerous and harmful cult so that I can have a better retirement and more worldly power,
Mark: I find that hard to believe about you.
Richard: and Mark Dunlop accuses me of being a disingenuous liar.
Mark: Don't be too hard on yourself Richard. As I have proven, according to Sutras, in this depraved age, in this degenerate age, there is not one person alive without faults.
Richard: I am plagued by three Marks. I reckon this proves the doctrine of karma. Because I was a Marxist in my youth, I am now a target for all these marksmen.
Mark: Very clever.
Richard: But I also look at the bright side. The Buddha was also bothered by three marks: impermanence, sorrow and non-self.
Mark: And that is why he taught the principles of permanence, joy, and true self.
Richard: And look at where that got him.
Mark: To the other shore

David Hare Soka Gakkai life coach's teachings

Let the readers see whether his "teachings" are the Lotus Sutra Buddhism of Nichiren.

"How much will you love your life in 2014?" -- Dave Hare

“One’s body is insignificant while the Law is supreme. One should give one’s life in order to propagate the Law.” -- Nirvana Sutra


“We care nothing for our bodies or lives but are anxious only for the unsurpassed way.” -- Lotus Sutra

Admit it Dave, what you teach is not Buddhism. It is Ikedaism sprinkled with the Secret.

"Why Don't the Followers of Nichiren Buddhism Worship the Buddha?" -- Soka Gakkai member

Because Soka Gakkai members are too busy worshiping Daisaku Ikeda.

"And on another occasion the little retreat where I was living, where I had enshrined a statue of Shakyamuni Buddha as the object of devotion, and where I stored the texts of the various sutras, was attacked and destroyed, and the statue of the Buddha and sutra texts were not only trampled upon, but thrown into the mud and filth. And a scroll of the Lotus Sutra, which I had placed in the breast of my robe, was snatched forth and I was mercilessly beaten over the head with it. These heinous crimes were carried out not because of any ancient enmity harbored against me or because of any offense I had recently committed, but solely because I worked to propagate the teachings of the Lotus Sutra." -- Nichiren

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Standing statue of Shakyamuni Buddha similar to Nichiren's

"And on another occasion the little retreat where I was living, where I had enshrined a statue of Shakyamuni Buddha as the object of devotion, and where I stored the texts of the various sutras, was attacked and destroyed, and the statue of the Buddha and sutra texts were not only trampled upon, but thrown into the mud and filth. And a scroll of the Lotus Sutra, which I had placed in the breast of my robe, was snatched forth and I was mercilessly beaten over the head with it. These heinous crimes were carried out not because of any ancient enmity harbored against me or because of any offense I had recently committed, but solely because I worked to propagate the teachings of the Lotus Sutra."

"It cannot be used to prove anything." -- Nichiren

"Earlier, you quoted a passage from the Daibontenno Mombutsu Ketsugi Sutra to prove your contention that Zen is 'a separate transmission outside the sutras.' But by quoting a sutra passage you were already contradicting your own assertion. Moreover, this sutra represents the provisional teachings, and, in addition, it is not listed either in the K'ai-yuan or the Chen-yuan era catalogues of Buddhist works. Thus we see that it is a work unlisted in the catalogues and a provisional teaching as well. Hence the scholars of our time do not refer to it;" -- Nichiren Daishonin

Likewise, those writings of Nichiren not found in the Rokunai or Rokugai catalogs* can not be used to prove anything.

*The Rokunai Gosho catalog was collated by Toki Jonin shortly after the Daishonin's death and the Rokugai by various disciples within a hundred years of his death. Unfortunately there are some forgeries even in these early collections of writings,

Daisaku Ikeda's monumental stupidity (a personal favorite little post)

SGI finally admits and repudiates the DaiGohonzon as fake. It follows that they must admit Daisaku Ikeda's monumental stupidity for commissioning one of the most expensive buildings in the world [Sho Hondo] to house a fake.

"At least SGI is a bunch of peers." -- SGI member

Do they have dozens of songs sung in the member's honor? Do the members give guidance to Danny Nagashima? Do the members deliver final encouragement at large regional or national meetings? Do the members ever determine the topic to be discussed at the monthly district Gosho study?

The Honmon Butsuryu Shu refuted

"In the Kanjin Honzon Sho, Nichiren explains the Object of Worship (honzon) itself: 

The form of that Object of Worship: above the Saha of the Original Teacher the Jewelled Stupa is in the void; to the left and right of Myoho renge kyo within the the stupa are the Buddha Shakyamuni and the Buddha Taho and the Attendants of Lord Shakya, the Four Bodhisattvas Jogyo and the others and the Four Bodhisattvas Maiijushri, Maitreya and the the others are in the end seats as the Entourage and the greater and lesser Bodhisattvas Converted by the Manifestation and from other quarters are the myriad common people on the great earth as if looking at the Cloud Pavillions and Moon Ministers. The Buddhas of the Ten Directions are located on upon the great earth. It is because they represent the Manifestation Buddhas and the Manifestation Lands. An Object of Worship such as this did not exist in the more than fifty years in the Buddha's time in the world. And during the eight years it is limited to the Eight Chapters. (Showa teihon,712) 

Because of the words "it is limited to the Eight Chapters" in the above text, the followers of Nichiryu (1385-1464 C.E., from the Hommon Hokke Sect derives) and Nissen (Nagamatsu Seifu,1817-1890 C.E.,  founder of Hommon Butsuryu Sect) emphasize the Eight Chapters. 

The "Eight Chapters" means the "Chapter of Springing Forth" 15 to the "Chapter of Entrustment" 22. The above text means: "This type of Object of Worship did not exist during the more than fifty years in the Buddha's time in the world. Even during the eight years when the Buddha preached the Hokekyo, it was only in the Eight Chapters. 

Then when we ask what is central and important within the Eight Chapters, it is the "Chapter of the Measure of Life" 16 as Nichiren Shonin says "the Buddha of 'Measure of Life"' and "the Object of Worship of the 'Chapter of the Measure of Life' of the Original Doctrine". Or to put it in opposite terms, he never said such things as "the Buddha of the Eight Chapters" or "the Object of Worship of the Eight Chapters". 

It is only because in the "Chapter of the Divine Powers" 21 there is the Separate Entrustment for Propagation in the Age of the Latter Dharma from the Original Buddha to the Bodhisattva Jogyo that he says "Eight Chapters". The Three Divisions of the Original or Fundamental Dharma (hompo sandan) also has the "Chapter of the Measure of Life" as its center. Further, in the Honzon Sho it has: 

"Now the Saha World of the Original Time is the eternally-abiding Pure Land apart from the three disasters and the four kalpas (eons). The Buddha has not been extinguished in the past and will not be born in the future. And those converted by Him are of the same essence. This is identical to the very mind's three thousand [realms] fully possessed and the three types of worlds". (Showa teihon, 712) 

When it says, "The Buddha has not been extinguished in the past and will not be born in the future, it refers to that fact that the Buddha, that is, the Great Benevolent Master of Teachings Lord Shakya from the beginningless most distant past long ago until the eternal eons of the future is ever abiding in the Saha World saving beings. The founder of the Hommon Butsuryu Sect and Seifu Church, Seifu Nissen, cried out in a joyful passage: 

"Ah, how blessed to have obtained a human birth, rarely to be had and to have encountered the Buddha Dharma......... Though I have appeared in a Buddha-less world, in the interim between the former Buddha and the next Buddha, it is the time when the Sublime Dharma which Jogyo transmitted is spreading." 

When he says, "a Buddha-less world, in the interim between the former Buddha and the next Buddha", he does not even understand the above text of the Honzon sho. While he reads the text of the Honzon sho, he kills the very heart of the Honzon sho. 

"In front of the person who does not believe in the Hokekyo, the Buddha Shakyamuni has taken His Entrance into Extinction but before the one who believes in this Sutra, though it is after His Extinction, it is the time when the Buddha is in the world." (On Guarding the State, Showa Teihon, 123) 

We can say that those who say things such as "a Buddha-less world, in the interim between the former Buddha and the next Buddha", no matter how many Daimoku they chant, they are those who do not believe in the Lotus Sutra." -- Rev. Kubota

Why are Zen Buddhists superior to Soka Gakkai members?

Because they don't pretend to be Nichiren Buddhists.

Soka Gakkai's unreliable criteria derives from the World of Anger (conceit and arrogance)

"Fully confident of my own judgment and ability, I have not the slightest doubt." -- SGI leader

We are confident of the judgement and ability of Shakyamuni Buddha and Nichiren Daishonin, especially when our own ideas, judgement, and ability conflict with theirs. Your criteria is an example of following the person rather than the Law. You learn arrogance and conceit by following an arrogant and conceited man. We learn humility following the Eternal Buddha and his messenger. 

The True Object of Worship

"A Stupa of treasures is hanging in the sky above the Saha-World of the Eternal Buddha. The letters Myohorengekyo are seen in the center of the Stupa. On either side of the letters are seen Buddha Sakyamuni and Many-Treasures Buddha. Buddha Sakyamuni is accompanied by the four Bodhisattvas and Manjusri and Maitreya are sitting in the lower seats. All the other Bodhisattvas, including those taught by the historical Buddha Sakyamuni and those who have come from the other worlds of the ten quarters are also on the ground. This shows that these Buddhas are the manifestations of the Eternal Buddha Shakyamuni and that the worlds of theirs are manifestations of the Saha-World of the Eternal Buddha Shakyamuni. We should worship all these Buddhas and Bodhisattvas in this arrangement. This is the Honzon, or the true object of worship. This Honzon was not revealed during the lifetime of the Buddha except when he expounded the eight consecutive chapters (XV to XXII) of the Lotus Sutra." -- The True Object of Worship

Listening to SGI propaganda we might come to believe...

...that of the 560,000 people who quit the SGI-USA, 868 are happy while the other 559,132 are dead or in psychiatric institutions.

Upholding the Lotus Sutra without enemies? Not according to Nichiren.

"One might wonder who could hate the Buddha, and yet there were many who viewed him with hatred and jealousy. How much greater, then, in the period after the Buddha’s passing, is the number of persons who look with hatred and jealousy on the votary of the Lotus Sutra, who has not rid himself of even one particle of earthly desire and is unable to distinguish even the smallest of evil deeds. They flock around him like clouds and mist.

The Buddha has in fact said that in the evil world of the latter age, those who preach this sutra as the sutra itself directs will face many enemies. And yet there are some persons in the world now who say that they uphold the sutra, that they read it and carry out its practices, and yet they have no enemies. Are the words of the Buddha false, then? Or is the Lotus not a true sutra?"

"Stop bleeding all over the internet you pathetic loser." -- SGI Chapter Chief

SGI Chapter Chief writes to Conservative Patriot and Non-Apologist from Cali:

“You don’t need to worry about such leaders. Simply determine not to be like them.” What I wouldn’t do is start a telephone book sized blog crying to any and all who will listen. You are a narcissistic cry-baby who will immediately deny that you ever did anything wrong and that it is ALWAYS the fault of others when you feel slighted or hurt, aren’t you now?"

"WOW! These events happened 15+ years ago and you’re STILL hanging onto them? I rest my case….you’re wasting so much valuable time in your life dealing with this to this day. Why not instead put your amazing programming and web/blog creation skills to use in areas of new interest that are vital to the future of America? And find some peace for yourself."

"Stop bleeding all over the internet you pathetic loser."


"My goodness. How much pain are you going to nurse??? Holding on to so much pain is like cuddling a cactus. It’ll feel really good when you let go of it."

My respo
nse: Why is SGI always crying about Taisekeji, it has been over 21 years? Why don’t you move on with the spirit of honin-myo [beginning from this moment on]? It's in the past. Why are you blaming others and the environment while holding on to such pain and bleeding all over the internet [and in every corner of the world through your mentor's books and writings about the "evil priests"]. You are cuddling a great white in one hand and a viper in the other whose names are Nichikan and Ikeda. Nichikan is the shark in the sea of suffering and Ikeda is the snake in the flowerbed of the Lotus. You are so blind that you can’t see your life dripping with irony and hypocrisy. The reasons you are blind is your mistaken object of worship and following a bad teacher.

Hatred and jealousy

“‘Hatred’ refers to those who have not yet freed themselves from impediments, and ‘jealousy,’ to those who take no delight in listening to the doctrine.” -- Opening of the Eyes

SGI attorney or Nichiren priest?

Paul Wersant attorney and SGI leader: [who would like nothing better than for me to stop my internet activities]: Mark is disobeying Rev. Kubota who asked him to stop his internet activities [a lie] following the suicide of Kyoko Thompson. Are you going to obey your priest Mark?  

Me: I think the SGI needs more attorneys. They are much more honest, knowledgeable, and compassionate, than those stodgy, old, know nothing, priests like Reverend Kubota.

"For every 'benefit' there are dozens of bad stories." -- Maltz

"All the talk about "cause and effect through chanting" is really deceptive. The idea that "all you have to do is chant" and ignore whether the doctrine has been altered, is not borne out by experience nor the scriptures. If the "honzon" is an object of deception then all the sincerity or cogent arguments in the world doesn't make it correct.

Daisaku Ikeda's second son died suddenly of a perforated ulcer, while a student at a prestigious Japanese college. Ikeda's oldest son has been in an out of mental hospitals with severe mental disorders. He must take high doses of psychoactive drugs to control his condition. Makiguchi (so-called "first president" of Soka Gakkai, even though Makiguchi's organization was an education reform society called the Soka Kyoiku Kai) died of starvation in a Japanese prison during the last days of the war. All nine of Makiguchi's children died during his seventeen years of faith in Taisejiji.

When I first joined back in the late ‘60's, I couldn't convince my friend, Gloria, to join. Her husband, Gary, had been a member for years. One day he didn't show up for Men's Division Bagpipe practice. Another member went over to his house to find out why he missed practice. He found Gary, eyes gouged out, ears cut off, head almost decapitated and grisly mutilations that I won't mention. Gary was murdered by the Manson family, whom he had "shakabukued". Obviously, Gloria did not think that Gary was "protected" by the SGI/NST gohonzon.

Three friends of mine were killed in a horrible car accident (their fault) rushing to "Kotekitai" practice, in preparation for some big parade in San Francisco. My old chapter chief lost two of his children (one was decapitated in a freak accident) and a third child was institutionalized. Over the years, many sincere friends died of diseases that they could not overcome by chanting in the SGI/NST. I could fill pages with "actual proof" horror stories that I personally witnessed. It seems that the wrong honzon cannot give "protection" or "benefit" any more than the claims of all other religions.

Hence, the correct doctrine is pivotal. Yet, SGI/NST people keep saying, "I don't want to get theoretical. I just chant and have actual proof in my life." Nichiren's position was quite different. To him, the correct doctrine was the most important thing. All Buddhist practice was of no avail if it didn't accord with the Lotus Sutra, the correct Gohonzon and the refutation of provisional teachings. Taisekeji's theology is a provisional teaching, based upon a fake honzon, that contradicts the words of Nichiren.

It seems that the honzon and the practice of SGI/NST needs to be examined very carefully. For every "benefit" there are dozens of bad stories.  Otherwise, why have 95% of all members quit? If Ikeda himself could not be assured of the protection of the Buddha, then the statements of universal SGI "actual proof" are untrue. If "actual proof" were the only criteria, then the events of the last four years between the SGI and the Nichiren Shoshu speak volumes about "punishment". -- Maltz  

Why would anyone join the Nichiren Shoshu or the SGI?

They have turned on each other like the dogs in the burning house.

"Thank you Ivan for posting my favorite daily guidance of Sensei."

"Buddhism is a battle against devils and obstacles. You can defeat them only with the power of strong daimoku. Having an accident shows that you have been defeated by devils. So, when you meet with an accident, you should take a strict look at yourself." -- Daisaku Ikeda

Helen Chinberg SGI Area leader says, "Thank you Ivan for posting my favorite daily guidance of Sensei." 

Reading this guidance by Daisaku Ikeda, I couldn't help thinking about one of the top SGI senior leaders in New York whose car was run over by a snow plow in the 80's. He died after many agonizing hours in the hospital. Surely, he was defeated by devils by Ikeda's reasoning. I wonder if at the last moment he took Ikeda's guidance to heart, "I must have really slandered, I've been defeated by devils." 

When to employ the forceful practices of the Lotus Sutra

Answer: When the Law is about to disappear
Question: How does the life giving water of the Law disappear? 
Answer: The water of the Law may become polluted, obstructed, cease to flow, evaporated, or diverted. Polluted means that the superior teachings of the Lotus Sutra are mixed with inferior teachings. Obstructed means that it is outlawed by official decree. Cease to flow means that the people no longer have the will to spread the teachings. Evaporated means that there are no longer wise men to correctly teach the Law, those with the ability to determine which of the teachings are true [authentic] and which are false. Diverted means that the truth of the teachings are greedily hoarded by a select few who utilize them for their personal gain. Whenever we encounter any of these situations [and there are probably many more], the shakubuku method is appropriate.

Duplicity is one of the fourteen slanders and greed is one of the Three Poisons.

Helen Chinberg SGI leader: But the spirit of zaimu, of gokuyo, of offerings made to the Buddha is completely different. We do not encourage members to make these offerings because the organization needs them but rather because the act of making offerings to the Buddha itself brings great benefit.
Me: You threw the Buddha out of his own religion years ago but when it suits you, collecting donations for example, you invoke the Buddha.

Saturday, July 6, 2019

The Real Reality of SGI Benefits and Two Comments

SGI member: “After consistent practice over 24 years and the just as consistent demonstration and proof of the power of the practice both conspicuous (material) and inconspicuous benefit I feel compelled to tell you that SGI is correct in using “Tactful” means of offering practitioners the promise of material gain and benefit. Further to that it is absolutely the birthright of any human to openly benefit from the infinite abundance of the Universe. Your view is limited and ultimately both judgmental and pessimistic. The idea of course is to understand by gaining material that it is not the source of happiness in and of itself but that those who are aware or awake to their Buddha nature will want for nothing and can fulfill their desires. There is no “sin” other than to not live our lives and as fully as we can.


Response: Your benefits are minuscule compared to the devotees who practice as the Lotus Sutra and Nichiren Daishonin teach. Try practicing as Nichiren did and you will experience the real benefit of the Lotus Sutra.

Here is the real reality of SGI “benefits”:

Shortly after the temporary Community Center opened on Park Avenue and 17th street (1979?), I went to a Young Men’s Division meeting on Saturday. The purpose of the meeting was to make our personal determinations for the future and to present them to Pres. Ikeda. We wrote down one or two line determinations in a binder-type book, one after the other. The meeting opened and, to my surprise, every determination was read. I was uplifted by the determinations. They were so lofty: US senators; judges; congressmen; doctors; lawyers; artists; musicians; and a few teachers, “for Kosen Rufu and for Sensei”. Final encouragement was given by Mr. Kasahara. The jist of what he said was to chant and do lots of activities and we would all realize our dreams without fail. At the end of the meeting, I’ll never forget, this Japanese senior leader going around and shaking hands very vigorously saying, “Ah!, future senator, future congressman, future doctor, for President Ikeda, neh?”

I’ll never forget the animated conversation I had with my best friend at the time after the meeting. I’m sorry if he reads this post and is offended but it is very instructive in terms of the truth of the SGI. He determined to become a US Senator. He told me he applied to become one of the “Who’s Who” of American Youth, and he determined to do so and was encouraged by his leaders to do so, so it would happen. It mattered nothing that he had accomplished little outside of the SGI. He even held on to his dream of becoming a US Senator for a time. He had attained the level of YMD headquarters chief, but he could barely hold on to a job for more than several months at a time, let alone finish college. He says he’s doing great, but to me, the SGI is just a fantasy land of broken dreams.

You will see replies to this post that this was an isolated example but if we delve into the history and the actuality of these young men, we will see that of the ~ 150 young men at the meeting, it would be safe to say, 120 stopped practicing with the SGI during the last 29 years. That leaves somewhere around 30 who continue to practice. Of those 30 how many have gone on to achieve a modicum of success (actual proof being touted by the SGI as the only reliable proof of a teaching)? How many have gone on to become senators, congressmen, judges, doctors, lawyers, accomplished artists or musicians, noted scientists, teachers, etc? To my knowledge, not one has gone on to become a senator, congressman or judge. Perhaps one or two has gone on to become a doctor or lawyer and there were conceivably a few who had gone on to become respected teachers, artists, scientists etc. But out of this handful of “successful” people, how many realized their determinations from that day in 1979? From what I’ve witnessed, the “actual proof” attained by these SGI practitioners was actually worse than the “actual proof” attained by those that stopped practicing or by a similar cohort who never practiced. For example, take any group of 150 highly motivated young men. One would expect that at least ten to twenty percent would go on to realize their determinations. But through the SGI faith and practice, probably less than five percent realized their dreams. However many (or few) there are, this is hardly the universal actual proof that the SGI espouses.

The bottom line is, there is no actual proof in the “Buddhism” of the SGI, regardless of how persuasively and aggressively the practitioners would have you believe. They have distorted the teachings of the Eternal Shakyamuni, the Lotus Sutra and Nichiren Daishonin. How could they demonstrate actual proof? 

  1. So, what became of the lives of those who made such lofty goals in 1979?
  2. Zero realized to my knowledge. Proves SGI is a false religion.