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Saturday, August 3, 2019

What happened to the cornerstone of the Soka Gakkai faith?

For nearly 80 years, until 2014, the cornerstone of the Soka Gakkai faith, the` prime point of their faith, was the DaiGohonzon of Sanctuary. Before 1991, millions of Japanese SGI had visited the Head Temple of Taisekeji to worship this Gohonzon, some more than a thousand times. It was the very bedrock of the Soka Gakkai's silent prayers, its heart and soul and the inviolate principle to which all members were taught to revere more than life itself. The slanders heaped upon us and me personally for questioning the DaiGohonzon, number in the thousands. I am angry and at the same time amused at SGI members rank stupidity, lack of seeking spirit, and vitriol. I am not surprised because the DaiGohonzon breeds evil men and women. Every last pioneer SGI member, man or woman, is a devil who will fall into the unremitting hell. Pity.

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