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Friday, September 20, 2019

All "Buddhas" equal in the Soka Gakkai?

"I have  nothing but admiration for Daisaku Ikeda. Yet, I can understand how some might have the perception that the SGI is an authoritarian cult. SGI has become very obsessed with "leaders". I say this with experience practicing in Beverly Hills Hdqts and Salt Lake City and having traveled all over for large conventions. People would talk about how many feet they had stood from Pres. Ikeda or whether or not they got to shake hands with Mr. Williams. I had to arrange the "white cadillac" car  rental for Mr. Williams when he visited our new kai kan. I was sternly told it must be a white cadillac. I even had a hdgts leader throw a fit one time when she arrived at a chapter mtg and someone else had parked in the driveway. She made it very clear, that should be her spot only so that she wouldn't have to walk so far." --Teresa, SGI member 

And making a big deal of offering ice water only to the senior leader giving final encouragement during the meeting. Who cares if the members are parched? It must be very dehydrating giving guidance to the faithless.

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