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Sunday, September 29, 2019

Evil countries, evil kings, evil ministers, evil commoners

“....because this era is ‘firm in struggle and the Pure Dharma is hidden and obscured’ [Daijikkyo 55 (“Embudai hon”) (T.13.363)], and, on top of this, there are only evil countries, evil kings, evil ministers, evil commoners and they turn against the True Dharma and revere perverted dharmas and perverted teachers, so evil demons enter into the land and the Three Calamities and Seven Disasters have arisen in abundance.” (STN, v. 1, 735) - Nichiren

"The three lesser calamities are warfare, pestilence, and famine. The three greater calamities are fire, water, and wind. The seven disasters (1) extraordinary changes of the sun and moon, (2) extraordinary changes of the stars and planets, (3) fires, (4) unseasonable floods, (5) storms, (6) drought, and (7) war, including enemy invasion from without and rebellion from within." --SGI dictionary

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