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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Five questions for SGI-USA General Director, Adin Strauss

Question 1. During major activities, lasting 3, 4, 5, or more days, such as visits by top Japanese senior leaders and culture festivals, are the youth division members to support these activities for days on end with only a bare minimum of sleep and with some members undergoing nervous breakdowns and others major and minor mental and physical health breakdowns? 

Question 2. Are the YMD still "encouraged" to support behind the scenes activities such as standing in a remote corner of a parking lot for 4, 5, or more hours and under the blazing sun, in order to create value in one's life? 

Question 3. Why, when general members suffer a serious health problem, is the community center neither opened nor are there mass Daimoku campaigns but when a leader is sick everyone is "encouraged" to chant for hours? We are all Buddhas, neh? 

Question 4. When a general member dies a horrible death, why are there rumblings about his or her faith but when a leader dies a horrible death he or she is treated as if he or she were a living Buddha? 

Question 5. Are there many suicides among members and former members? If not, why the SGI depression awareness campaigns in Japan and Australia?

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