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Saturday, September 28, 2019

Nichiren and I rebut Soka Gakkai's bogus claims

Another SGI experience reads:

"Dr. Kawada treated fourteen people with stage four cancer. Some were not even SGI members. Their doctors had given up on all of them. One even had to be brought in on a stretcher. All fourteen people joined the SGI. They all learned to chant following this guidance of using the right side of their brain to project an image of no cancer intheir bodies. In the U.S., last-stage cancer patients are encouraged to draw a white cell eating a cancer cell. Though this has been shown to help, practicing Buddhism has an even bigger impact. In two months the person on the stretcher overcame their cancer. Then his doctor joined. Eventually all fourteen overcame their cancer." ‎-- Bharat Soka Gakkai

Nichiren teaches in Repaying Debts of Gratitude:

"Answer: I, too, admire and believe in these various accomplishments of his. There are other men of old who possessed such uncanny powers. But the possession of such power does not indicate whether that person’s understanding of the Buddhist teaching is correct or not among the non-Buddhist believers of India there have been men who could pour all the waters of the Ganges River into their ear and keep it there for twelve years, or those who could drink the ocean dry, grasp the sun and moon in their hands, or change the disciples of Shakyamuni Buddha into oxen or sheep. But such powers only made them more arrogant than ever and caused them to create further karma to confine themselves in the sufferings of birth and death. It is men like these whom T’ien-t’ai is referring to when he says, “They seek after fame and profit and increase their illusions of thought and desire.”

The Chinese priest Fa-yün of Kuang-che-ssu temple could make it rain suddenly or cause flowers to bloom immediately, but Miao-lo writes of him, “Though he could bring about a response in this way, his understanding still did not accord with the truth [of the Lotus Sutra].” When the Great Teacher T’ien-t’ai read the Lotus Sutra, soft rain began to fall in an instant, and the Great Teacher Dengyō caused sweet rain to fall within the space of three days. However, they did not say that because of such powers their understanding of the truth coincided with that of the Buddha.

Regardless of what unusual powers the Great Teacher Kōbō may have had, he described the Lotus Sutra as a doctrine of childish theory and wrote that Shakyamuni Buddha was still in the region of darkness. Persons of wisdom and understanding should have nothing to do with such writings."

May we see the child's medical records? Was it a missed diagnosis? Was it a syndrome like the Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome that naturally gets better over time? What about the fourteen patients with cancer? 

I would be pleased to examine the medical records of all 14 patients. Since they all recovered from Stage IV cancer and they joined the Soka Gakkai, I'm sure they will give their consent to my review. I will pay for the postage.

Sensei and SGI must not have liked Shin Yatomi and Pascual Olivera. Had they been liked, they surely would have been put in contact with Vice President Kawada MD. Every SGI member with Stage IV cancer should seek out Dr. Kawada, I reckon....and where was Dr. Kawada when President Daisaku Ikeda's own favorite son died at 29 of an easily curable stomach ailment?

Would SGI ever lie about such a thing? Hell, they lie about everything, from a rainbow appearing at the opening of the Ikeda World Peace headquarters building to Nichiren being the Eternal Original True Buddha. Please remember the following guidance of Daisaku Ikeda

"This is the time of year when there are sharp fluctuations in daytime and night-time temperatures. Let’s take due care to wisely look after ourselves, for example, by keeping warm at night so we don’t catch a chill while sleeping! Let’s all try to advance in the very best of good health!." -- To My Friends published in the Seikyo Shimbun.

Hehe. Through the SGI practice and faith in the mentor, Stage IV cancer and "incurable" hereditary diseases, whether of the lung, colon, breast, pancreas, esophagus, blood, bones, tongue or brain can be cured in 15 out of 15 instances but Daisaku doesn't want his poor sickly disciples to catch a chill at night. Laughable. Don't leave your critical thinking at the front door of the Kaikan.

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