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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Nichiren on the reward of the Superior, Sublime, Great Effect and Great Vow

"I, Nichiren, too, by reciting these compilations of texts and making prayers and vows to the Buddha and the devas (gods) every day since the day I began to believe, though I have encountered all sorts of great hardships, yet because the meritorious power of the Lotus Sutra and the Golden Words of Lord Shakya are profound and serious, up to now I have been saved. With regard to that, if the Practicers of the Lotus Sutra have no backsliding in the mind of faith or false affection in their person, but leave themselves to the Lotus Sutra in all things and practice in accordance with the Golden Words, they will for certain even in this life, not to speak of the afterlife, end disasters and extend the lifespan, obtain the reward of the Superior, Sublime Great Effect and accomplish the Great Vow of 'widely proclaiming and diffusing.'[kosen rufu]" -- Kitokyo sojo (Cover Letter to On Prayer)

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