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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Nichiren on stupid persons and other matters

"And so, when I, neither hesitating to speak out nor fearing others, tell them frankly that they are stupid persons who have misunderstood the true meaning of the Buddhist teachings, and that they are slanderers of the Law; when I deliver a sharp rebuke to them, mindful of the Buddha’s golden words "then that monk is betraying Buddhism" and trusting in the passage of scripture that reads, "We will be envoys of the World Honored One, facing the assembly without fear"; when I do this, censuring those who "suppose they have attained what they have not attained, being proud and boastful in heart," then how can they fail to turn upon me with hatred and jealousy?"(The Teachings in Accordance With the Buddha's Mind). 

"Although I try to point out that this country is full of people who would like to do away with the Lotus Sutra, no one understands me, and so they merely go on committing errors of stupidity. And now, in addition, a votary of the Lotus Sutra has made his appearance, so that the people of Japan, on top of their stupidity, give way to anger, favoring erroneous teachings and viewing the correct teaching with hatred. In a country where the three poisons [of greed, anger and stupidity] prevail to such a degree, how can there be peace and stability?" (The Bodies and Minds of Ordinary Beings). 

"And yet, the people of today, both the distinguished and the lowly, look with contempt upon Shakyamuni Buddha, their father in the present world, and instead revere Amida or Dainichi, who are strangers to them, persons with whom they have no connection at all. In doing so, are they not lacking in filial piety? Are they not slanderers of the Law? When I say this, however, all the people of Japan join together in reviling me. 

And it is quite natural that they should, for the crooked piece of wood hates the straightness of the carpenter’s string, and the dishonest man is not pleased with the honest administration of government." (The Teaching In Accordance with the Buddha's Mind) 

"However, because there was no one who understood this situation, it has been impossible to remedy it. I am generally aware of these matters, and therefore try to repay the debt of gratitude I owe my country [by speaking the truth], but people only hate me for it." (White Horses and White Swans). 

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