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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

SGI leader eating crow

SGI leader Kathy Ruby is eating crow [now that that the SGI is repudiating the formerly most highly revered DaiGohonzon]...

"The truth is the Gakkai reveres the Dai-Gohonzon far more than the Nikken sect ever has. We honor the inscription on it -- the thing that makes this Gohonzon so special -- "For the sake of all living beings." -- Kathy Ruby some years ago

Then, she should honor the other ninety-five Nichiren Gohonzon that have the same or similar inscriptions instead of slandering them like her Sensei. And, for slandering me day in day out for more than five years [for asserting the exact same thing as the SGI is now asserting], she should send me her Nichikan No-Honzon and I will mount the beautiful Gohonzon for the Transmission of the Dharma for her, "The Great Mandala that was never known in the whole of Jambudvipa for the 2200 years since the Buddha's paranirvana."

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